I'm in Woman's World Magazine!

I'm in Woman's World Magazine!   via  www.productreviewmom.com
Cat out the bag!  I can now share that I've been featured in Woman's World Magazine, on newsstands now!

A reporter contacted me right after Christmas looking for my expert advice on product testing, and ways to make money from it. 

I was extremely surprised that they came to me for help, and seeing me as an expert.  Wow, an expert!  I'm very proud to hold that title!

I kept this as a secret because I wasn't for sure when the article was going to be in-stores, so I wanted to let y'all know when the magazine was out with me in it so you can hurry to buy it.

This article lets me know that I'm doing it right with my blog.  People genuinely care about my thoughts and look up to what I have to offer.

It's because of you all I keep going with my blog, and I want to thank you for all the love and support you given me.  I sincerely mean this.  I have been in tears, tears of joy thanking the man above for all his blessings he has given my family and me.  All my hard work is taking me to places I have never imagined.  God is so good all the time!  I continue to put my trust in him, and he has been leading me to my destiny. 

Make sure to go out and buy it now, it's a weekly magazine and the issue I'm in will only be available until next week.
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Lou Martin

Hey, I'm Lou! I'm a mom of 2 teen girls and a full-time professional mom blogger in Metro Atlanta, Georgia. I enjoy learning and reviewing the latest products and being a brand influencer. I also love traveling (especially to beaches), shopping, visiting different restaurants, playing with makeup, riding around in the hottest cars, and going on adventures with my family. Make sure to follow my hashtag on social media #MissLouMae.

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  1. Congratulations again Lou. I will look for it this weekend. You are blessed to be a blessing. Continued success to you my sister. I support you and proud to know you. We need to officially meet face to face one day.

    1. Thanks for picking up a copy Janet! I'm so bless to have you as a great supporter of my blog. Yes, we do need to meet up someday.

  2. Get it girl, get it girl! That's awesome Lou. I hope you know you're my inspiration! :)

  3. That's incredible! Congratulations. You have inspired me more than you know, and I'm sure you will have even more success in the future. Glad to know you!

    1. Thanks so much girl! I'm happy that I inspire you. Keep up the good work!

  4. This is great congratulations, I will be sending you an email under separate cover regarding this subject. Have an awesome weekend.

  5. This is so awesome! Congraulations, Lou!