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January 6, 2016

5 Essential (And Affordable) Kitchen Appliances You’re Missing

5 Essential (And Affordable) Kitchen Appliances You’re Missing  via  www.productreviewmom.com
Guest Post by Brooke Chaplan

Every chef or home cook has a list of all of their favorite appliances and gadgets that they use in their kitchens. The best appliances make cooking easier, and can help even the most inexperienced home cook look like a pro. The problem with kitchen gadgets and appliances is that, though they are essential, they can be pricey. This article will cover the top five kitchen appliances that are essential and affordable, that may be missing from your kitchen. 

Stand Mixer
The number one kitchen appliance on the list is a stand mixer. Stand mixers can be used to do almost anything in the kitchen. You can use your stand mixer to mix dough, make butter or whipped cream, and even shred chicken. Many stand mixers, like the Kitchen Aid brand, have an assortment of attachments to go along with it. There's a handy shredder/slicer, perfect for shredding cheese and slicing vegetables. There is also a pasta maker attachment, ice cream maker attachment, juicer and many more. All of these attachments and extras make a stand mixer one of the most versatile kitchen appliances that should be in every kitchen. Stand mixers and attachments can be found for lower prices at places like Amazon and Overstock. For even more savings, seek out promo codes for these sites from places like discountrue.com.

Food Processor
The next appliance that may be missing from your kitchen is a food processor. Food processors are perfect for chopping and blending. A food processor can be used to make breadcrumbs, salsas, sauces, purees, and even certain doughs. They are great because they are versatile, they don't take up much space, and are very affordable. 

Immersion Blender
An immersion blender is also an essential kitchen appliance, especially for those who may have a small kitchen space with not many storage options. Small and compact, an immersion blender can be stored easily and has many uses. It can be used to puree soups without transferring the liquid to a blender, to blend smoothies, make applesauce or other sauces such as tomato or pesto, and to make hummus. You can even chop nuts quickly and easily with the help of an immersion blender. It's the perfect tool for those who may not have the space for some of the larger appliances that can do these jobs, and is a very affordable option.

Slow Cooker
A crock pot is a fabulous addition to any arsenal of kitchen appliances. Every kitchen should be equipped with a crock pot, as they are very affordable, and can be used for a multitude of dishes. Crock pots are the perfect tool for busy families who may not have time to slave over a stove for hours. You can toss in your ingredients, turn it on, leave for work, and come home to dinner already prepared without doing much work. From soup and stew, to a roast with vegetables, even dessert, the crock pot is an amazing appliance to have. It's also the perfect way to cook during the summer without heating up the house like the oven might do, and it uses very little energy unlike the stove or oven.

Electric Griddle
Last but not least, the electric griddle. Another extremely affordable option, like the crock pot, it is also an energy efficient appliance option. An electric griddle can replace a grill when cooking burgers or hot dogs on very hot or cold days when you may not want to be outside. Breakfast foods like bacon, sausage, eggs and pancakes can all be cooked on the griddle. It can even be used to make quick meals and snacks like quesadillas and grilled cheese sandwiches. An electric griddle can be cleaned easily and stored without taking up much room, making it another great solution for small kitchen spaces. 

If your kitchen is missing any of these essential appliances and gadgets, you should definitely look into adding them. They will make cooking easier and more enjoyable. Whether your kitchen is small or large, these appliances are perfect for everyone, and also affordable. 

Which kitchen appliance(s) do you need in your kitchen?

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  1. The only thing on this list that I don't have is the immersion blender! I'm always looking for new kitchen gadgets to add to my collection!