Halloween Costume Ideas for Men

Halloween Costume Ideas for Men  via  www.productreviewmom.com

Men dress up on Halloween too just like kids and women. Do you need some help finding a hot costume this year? If so, I have you covered with these great Halloween costume ideas for men, just in case you decided you did not want to do a couples costume with your other half.

Cinderella Movie Prince

Does your princess want to dress up as Cinderella this year? Why not join in on the fairy tale with them and dress up as the Cinderella Movie Prince? You will have a nice presentable costume on and you will probably turn a few heads in the process too.


If you are out to get some screams from kids, dressing up as a Zombie is one surefire way to do that. The good news is there is an assortment of Zombie costumes on the market so you are sure to be able to find one that is scary, but not too scary for this scary night. 

50s College Jock

The 50s era costumes are in for both the men and women this Halloween season. Get on board with this trend and have flashbacks from your college years (even if you did not attend college in the 50s) by dressing up as a 50s college jock. Your buds are sure to love your costume and if you have a significant other, you will definitely see a spark come into their eyes.

King Arthur

Have you wished that you could be a king for just one day? If so, the King Arthur costume allows you to transform into royalty for just one night. Additionally, if you have a daughter that wants to dress up as a princess this year, you will have the perfect family themed costume idea.

Grimm Reaper

While little boys often see the cute Grimm Reaper costumes and decide they want to be him, they also have adult sized Grimm Reaper costumes. Some sites have even added in some jazzed up versions of the Grimm Reaper. Therefore, I suggest doing some window-shopping on various sites before you decide on which costume would be the best fit for your personality.


Are you and your son huge wrestling fans? Why not dress up as your favorite wrestler this Halloween. Undertaker has a costume out that will make you look super handsome and other wrestlers costumes featured in the “grand heritage collection” are pretty eye catching too.

Assassins Creed

Do you love playing video games? Are you planning to attend an adult only Halloween party? If so, dress up as your favorite video game character from Assassin’s creed. Other gamers are going to have their eyes on you because they will be wishing they had thought of this idea first.

Will you be dressing up for Halloween this year? If so, what do you plan to dress up as, did you find some inspiration from my list?

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