Project Mc2 Doll and Journal Review

Project Mc2 Doll and Journal Review  via
The girls and I were given a doll and journal in exchange for a review.  All opinions are our own.

Hey yall! Last week the girls got more goodies to review and enjoy. This time they were in complete shock because they didn’t know they were going to review toys that they've added to their wish list.

Project Mc2 Doll and Journal Review  via

Have you ever wondered if there is a doll out there setting a good example for girls? Dolls that you’re proud of giving to your daughters? Well ladies and gentlemen, there is a new doll line out now which aims to inspire young girls to be interested in S.T.E.M./S.T.E.A.M. (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Math) education, called Project Mc2 by MGA Entertainment (they are the makers of the BRATZ dolls).

Project Mc2 Doll and Journal Review  via

My girls studies all of these subjects in school now so these dolls are perfect for them. Also the dolls are appropriately dressed with outfits I could see my girls wearing.

The line, featuring four stylish dolls and cool real-working science experiment kits rooted is authentic S.T.E.A.M experiences, proves that Smart Is The New Cool. The line is designed to show young girls that S.T.E.A.M. is all around them – even present within their everyday interests.

My Review


The girls and I arrived home for the evening and seen a box at our front door.

We brought the box inside and I told the girls to open the box with me because this box includes toys they would be reviewing with me. Once we got the box opened Lauren squealed, “OMG, that’s a Project Mc2 doll! That doll is mine!” I couldn’t believe she already knew about this doll because I never heard of it; I asked her how she knew about this new doll line and she said it is all over the commercials and she had added it on her birthday/Christmas wish list.

Also included in the box was a Project Mc2 journal. Michelle wasn’t too thrilled that Lauren claimed the doll first and you know what happened next, a fight between the two of them. You thought they always got along, huh?

I had to stop the argument and Michelle was the bigger person and said she’ll just let Lauren have the doll and she’ll take the journal. I’ll make sure to stop by the store to get Michelle a doll too.

UPDATE: Michelle now has the new Bryden doll! She was so excited to receive it and she gotten the doll right on time because I had a parent/teacher conference at her school and was told she was doing well. GO MICHELLE!

Project Mc2 Doll and Journal Review  via
This is what was included in our box:

Project Mc2 (McKeyla’s Lava Light)

  • Doll
  • Lava Lamp that lights up
  • Comb
  • Doll Stand
  • Doll Backpack
  • Doll Notebook
  • Doll Small Tablet

RV- $24.99

Project Mc2 Doll and Journal Review  via

With the McKeyla doll you can do a science experiment with the lamp, here’s how:

1. Add Water
2. Add Food Coloring
3. Add Vegetable Oil
4. Break Effervescent Tablet into 4 Pieces & Drop in Lamp
5. Put Cap on Lamp and Turn Light On

Project Mc2 Doll and Journal Review  via

By doing this you’ll have a real lava lamp and you can do this experiment again and again. Lauren didn’t get a chance to do the experiment since we didn’t have any food coloring at home but we’ll be trying it out soon, hopefully we don't create a mess.

Lauren and I really like how the doll looks with her cool looking clothes and hat. The arms and legs are easy to bend so no worrying about it breaking. The hair will need to be combed often because I can tell the hair can get matted easily.

Project Mc2 Doll and Journal Review  via

Project Mc2 A.D.I.S.N. Journal (Advanced Digital Intelligence Spy Notebook)


  • 1 Magic Ink Marker
  • 1 Interactive Journal (Requires 3 AA Batteries that is not included)
  • 1 Bracelet
  • 1 Notebook
  • 1 UV Light
  • 2 Sticker Sheets

RV- $24.99
Project Mc2 Doll and Journal Review  via

With the batteries in the journal, there are two ways to open it, push a small black button on the journal or use the bracelet and tap the front of the journal with it. Once the journal is opened there is a girl voice that greets your child.

Project Mc2 Doll and Journal Review  via

With the magic ink marker, your child can write and use the UV Light to see what she has written.

Project Mc2 Doll and Journal Review  via

If your child has a cell phone there is a place to store it in the notebook and Project Mc2 has an app your child can download on the phone. My girls do not have cellphones and my memory on my cellphone is full, so I’m unsure what the app is all about.

Also, there is a notebook with chemistry element tables inside and places for your child to write in it. The stickers inside the notebook is pretty cute and I could see Michelle adding them to her notebook she has at school.

Once you close the notebook, a girl voice appears again saying she doesn’t want her to go.

Michelle has been really enjoying her journal and writes in it often, she has been wanting a digital journal for a while now so she’s happy to finally have one.

If you’re looking for the perfect gift for girls ages 6 and older these Project Mc 2 dolls and accessories would be great for them! These dolls let young girls know that being smart is super cool!

Project Mc2 Doll and Journal Review  via

Visit their website at for more experiments and a chance to join NOV8.

What do you think about the Project Mc2 dolls?

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  1. How fun! I loved playing with dolls when I were young. It's cool when they get goodies that they're actually looking forward to.

    1. Yeah my girls just couldn't believe that they were going to review a doll that they wanted. The screamed out, "Mom we love your job!"

  2. Your daughter would love it Suzie! The perfect Christmas gift!

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