How to Achieve a Spa Pedicure at Home

How to Achieve a Spa Pedicure at Home

Do you like getting your toes done but hate paying nail salon prices?  Today, I am showing you how to achieve a spa pedicure at home.

Items You Need for your At Home Spa Pedicure

  • Nail Kit (Cuticle Oil, Nail File, Nail Clipper, Cuticle Stick)

Step One: If you have nail polish on your feet currently, remove it with the cotton pads and nail polish remover.


Step Two: Fill your foot tub with comfortable water and add in the bath salts. You can invest in a foot spa if you want the salon feel. 

Step Three: After ten minutes or so, work on your cuticles with the cuticle oil and cuticle stick. If you have never used a cuticle stick before, watching a video on YouTube can be helpful to ensure that you do not injure yourself accidentally. 

Step Four: Rub the foot scrub all over your feet and go over the bottom of your feet with the pumice stone. If you have a lot of dead skin on your feet, go over the affected areas thoroughly. 

Step Five: Dry your feet off and rub in the foot lotion. While rubbing your lotion in, you can give yourself a mini foot massage. 

Step Six: Trim your nails if needed and file them with the nail file to make them look pretty. (NOTE: Some prefer to do this ahead of step five, which is okay.)

Step Seven: Polish your toes and show off your new pedicure. (NOTE: Remember to use a base coat and a top coat so your pedicure can last for the maximum amount of time.)

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Things to Keep in Mind When Doing a Spa Pedicure at Home

These are the steps to achieve a spa pedicure at home. But, of course, you can change it as you see fit.  

For example, some prefer to wrap their feet in hot towels with a mud mask for additional time, and others have to use electric shavers to take care of the tricky spots on their feet.


These directions are just here to show you that you can achieve a spa pedicure at home and do not have to let luxurious nail salon visits ruin your budget and bank account. 

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Do you prefer getting your toes done at a nail salon or at home?

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  1. I don't go to a salon but this reminds me that need to treat myself to an at home pedicure!

    1. I stopped going to nail salons because it was becoming expensive and also they were damaging my nails, probably because their tools weren't clean.

  2. I need to do this :) I'm a little weird about people messing with my nails. I've never had my nails or toes done. I always paint them myself and it's usually in a very rushed manner. I need to make it more relaxing like this.

    1. You're better off doing your own nails Sonya.

  3. If I'm a 100% sure that I'm going to get a good deep cleaning job I will go to the salon with my fav lady, if is not the case I will do it my self as I like it!

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