Autumn Scents: Fall Candles You'll Adore from Yankee Candle

Autumn Scents: Fall Candles You'll Adore from Yankee Candle

Many people love fall because of the milder temperatures and all yummy scents that let you know the season is here! The gorgeous leaves changing to vivid colors of orange, yellow and red just gives us all cozy feelings. Pumpkin and spice scented candles provide your home with a mildly sweet and aromatic scent. Check out these candles that will give your home a warm and comforting vibe.

 Pumpkin Buttercream from Yankee Candle

The Pumpkin Buttercream Candle from Yankee Candle combines two things that we all love, savory pumpkin and decadent buttercream. I know that I'd devour a slice of pumpkin buttercream cake, wouldn't you?

Apply Pumpkin from Yankee Candle 

Two of fall's most endearing scents combine to make the Apple Pumpkin scented candle. There's nothing like the smell of baked apples and when combined with the earthy tones in pumpkin, it's a no brainer. You have to try this one!

Sugar and Spice from Yankee Candle 

This sugar and spice candle has that undeniably delicious smell of buttery vanilla and cinnamon that is sure to make your home feel warm and inviting. These two scents are a match made in heaven.

Autumn Leaves from Yankee Candle

If you love those vivid hues of fallen leaves, you'll enjoy the aroma of the medley of birch and maple leaves with pomegranate, juniper berry, and orange blossom from Yankee Candle Autumn Leaves.

Autumn Wreath from Yankee Candle
Yankee Candle Autumn Wreath welcomes the fall season with the spicy warmth of autumn leaves and cinnamon apples that will have your home smell amazingly delicious!

Autumn Lodge from Yankee Candle
Yankee Candle Autumn Lodge is a deep, rich scent similar to a cigar shop, making you feel all nice and toasty during those cool evenings.

Crisp Fall Night from Yankee Candle
Yankee Candle Crisp Fall Night is an Autumn evening that invites brisk earthiness and a dreamy Interlude of lavender and woodland notes.

Do you look forward to the scents of fall? Share your favorite candles below!

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  1. Pumpkin buttercream sounds like it would smell delicious. I like the scent of freshly cut fall squashes. A freshly cut butternut squash smells so good.

    1. I bet that does smell really delightful!

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