Carry On Travel Essentials For Your Carry-On Bag You Need for Your Trip

Carry On Travel Essentials For Your Carry-On Bag You Need for Your Trip via

As you all know I love to travel and when I travel I like to make sure that I’m prepared so when I get to my destination I leave all my worries behind at home and ready to enjoy my vacation or business travel.

I always have a carry-on bag which usually is my oversize purse and I stock it with essentials that I need during my flight and during my trip. 

Wondering what essentials are needed in your carry-on bag?   Check out this list that was provided by Healthy Hoo Hoo.  They are sharing a list of their favorite carry-on essentials.  I spot some items on this list that I currently pack in my carry-on bag too!

  • Water Bottle: Don't spend all that money buying water at the airport, buy a Hydroflask and fill it up with water after you went through security.

  • Hand Cream: The air in airplanes can be really drying to the skin, so make sure to have some hand cream ready to keep them nourished.  dermaE

  • Lip Balm: Make sure to keep your lips kissabley soft.  Lip Balm

  • Gentle care for down there: healthy hoohoo soothing feminine wipes will keep you fresh down there.

  • Travel Sonic Toothbrush: Sometimes flights get delayed or canceled so make sure you have a toothbrush handy in case of a emergency. Portable Sonic Toothbrush

  • Face Wipes: Catching a long flight and want to remove your makeup, make sure to bring some face wipes. Urasa Major Face Wipes

  • Great Carry-on: Fit all your needed essentials in a carry on bag with many different pockets to keep things organized.  High Road Portagio Tote



Let me know what are the items you have in your carry-on bag when you travel?

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  1. Hi Lou..thanks for the list. I also love traveling but don't get an opportunity often. Whenever I do travel by plane these are key items for me: a pair of socks so my feet stays warm in case I decide to take off my shoes, a cozy blanket, wetwipes, a good book, gum, snacks, advil, makeup bag for touchups, comb, and a jacket/sweater.

    1. That's a great list of items you bring Janet!

  2. Very complete list! I will be pinning this because I always forget essentials like a scarf when I travel.

    Natalia | Lindifique

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