Get in the Halloween Spirit with Nintendo Stencils

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After the girls and I were invited to the Play Nintendo Tour event, the girls has been fascinated with all things Nintendo.  The girls has requested to get the new Nintendo 3DS after playing all the games at the event and Lauren just got one for her birthday.

Although I do not allow my girls to play games that are not educational, I'm starting to lighten up a bit since I remember the days when I was a kid back in the 80's playing Mario and Duck Hunt. Now I'm happy to start adding Nintendo as a part of the brands that my family enjoys. 

Are you a Nintendo fan?  With Halloween just around the corner, I have some Nintendo pumpkin stencils for you to get you in the Halloween spirit.  Below you can right click, save, and print these stencils of some of your favorite Nintendo characters, Bowser, Boo, and Shy Guy.

Stencils were provided to me from Nintendo

Get in the #Halloween Spirit with #Nintendo Stencils- via

Get in the #Halloween Spirit with #Nintendo Stencils via

Get in the #Halloween Spirit with #Nintendo Stencils-

Will you be craving pumpkins this year?  

Who are your favorite Nintendo characters?

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  1. My family loves Nintendo. Thanks for sharing these.

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