Nature's Way Organic Coconut Oil Review

Nature's Way Organic Coconut Oil Review
Organic Coconut oil can be used in many different ways like it's a good addition to physical activity, exercise, and weight lost programs.  Organic Coconut oil is also good taken as a dietary supplement, using it for cooking or using it for skin and hair care.  I like to use it as a conditioner in my hair to moisturize my scalp.

After I wash my hair with shampoo and conditioner, I use a deep conditioner along with Nature's Way Organic Coconut Oil for extra deep conditioning.  I sit under a heated cap for about an hour and wash out my deep conditioner mixed with the coconut oil.  Once all the product is washed out, my hair feels so soft, strong, and healthy! 

I also use Nature's Way Organic Coconut Oil on both of daughter's hair to moisturize their dry, flaky scalps.  I haven't used the coconut oil for anything else other then conditioning my hair and daughter's hair but I heard good things about this product works very well for cooking.  So instead of using olive oil or butter, you can use Nature's Way Organic Coconut Oil when cooking foods and it's much healthier alternative.   I did stick my finger in the coconut jar to get a taste, and the coconut oil has a very light sweet taste that I know will not over power the taste of your foods.  One day I'll try cooking with Nature's Way Organic Coconut Oil.


  1. Great as a conditioner to moisturizer your hair.  You can use the coconut oil as a deep conditioner or a grease.
  2. Melts very fast.
  3. Can use the coconut oil for your skin, dietary supplement, cooking, and more.
  4. Comes in a 32 oz jar.
  5. It's good for you.
  6. Great product to mix with essential oils.


  1. Has a funny smell.
  2. Must be stored in room temperature or the whole product will melt and it can become messy.

Is Nature's Way Organic Coconut Oil Worth a Try?


It's a good product and you can't go wrong with a product that works well with almost anything!  You should give it a try, it's well worth it!


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