Reflecting Back on 2022: Year in Review

Reflecting Back on 2022: Year in Review

I don't know about you, but this year flew by quickly!  2022 had me so busy with family stuff I couldn't believe the year was coming to an end so soon.

Again, I had another good year with my blog business!  And with minimal work too!  

This will be yet another year of making six figures blogging, and it's all due to the hard work I put into it at the beginning.  Now, I can sit back and enjoy the fruits of my labor.

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I wrote less than I did last year; however, I deleted posts that no longer had value and updated some with new images and content.  By doing this, I noticed my traffic improved significantly and started resharing my updated content.

I'll do the same thing in 2023 while also squeezing in new content.

Although my focus has been more on my family due to significant changes like my daughters attending private school for the first time.  

With them in a new school took up much of my time.  As a result, I found myself saying no often to event invites and traveling much less.  At this point, I wouldn't be surprised if companies started taking me off their media list.

But family comes first, and as I mentioned before, my hard work at the beginning of my blogging journey let me focus on other things in my life.

Another thing I have been focusing on is still my health.  I've been doing well by eating better and going to the gym several times a week.  

However, I'm not going to lie, I have been eating a bit more sweets than I should, and I need to cut back on that.  

Well, let's chat about how blogging went for me this year!

Even though I did less, I had many high moments worthy of praise!

Tabitha Brown's Runway Show

First, I couldn't believe I was invited to Tabitha Brown's Target Collection runway show!  I saw her collection before it hit Target stores and met her in person.  

The Instagram Reel I created of my time at Tabitha's runway show was the most viewed video I ever had, coming in at over 80,500 views!  I didn't know her fanbase was that massive!  Her authenticity and likable personality make people feel close to her.  Being yourself and following your dreams will get you far in life.

My follow-up blog post about Tabitha Brown's collection brought in a lot of traffic.  In addition, it earned me money from people purchasing her merchandise through my Target affiliate links.

Wouldn't that be nice to have such a big following?  

The only thing is, I like to be lowkey.  I don't always want to be on social media and like to be out in public in peace.  So, as of now, I'm enjoying the life I have created being hidden.

CNBC Feature

One day while checking my blog traffic, I noticed I was getting hits from CNBC.  I wondered why I was receiving traffic from them since I had never been in contact with them.

I did some digging and found out that a writer for CNBC wrote an article about earning extra cash with side hustles and mentioned my blog on the list.  

Thanks to that article, I'm receiving a ton of traffic daily!  As the saying goes, you never know who is watching.  So write good, helpful stuff that people would want to link to.

Canvas Rebel Interview

Yearly I get approached to be interviewed about my success with blogging.  This year, I was interviewed by Canvas Rebel, sharing insights about myself as a blogger/ affiliate marketer.

It's great that I'm still getting recognized for my accomplishments.


Last year, I discovered that someone was using my blog name and created a YouTube and social media account.  That made me so furious that I hired a lawyer to help me trademark my blog.

I have been in this business for too long for someone to come in and steal my hard work.  And I should have known better to trademark my name years ago.

So, my lawyer hopped on it quickly.  But unfortunately, due to the pandemic, it took longer than usual to get my trademark approved.

After a year-long wait, I'm happy to say that this blog is now trademarked!  

If you ever go into starting your own business, please make sure to trademark it.  You don't want someone to come in and steal from you, making you start all over.

As for the person who was using my name, they stopped using it a while ago.  However, their old videos and social media are still up, so I'll be working with my lawyer to have all of it removed.

If you're looking for a trademark lawyer/patent attorney, I recommend using Grell & Watson Patent Attorneys if you're based in the Atlanta, Georgia, area. 

DICK'S Sporting Goods

It's great when brands come back to work with you.  I have worked with DICK'S Sporting Goods for a few years, and I love this partnership!

DICK'S Sporting Goods has played a big part in my health and wellness journey by supplying me with the products I need to succeed!

I look forward to working with them again in the future!


When I first started blogging, the brand on top of my list I wanted to partner with was Toyota.

I grew up with Toyota, so I knew partnering with them would be a great connection.  So, when I joined Greater Atlanta's Automotive Media Association, I was on a mission to find a way to introduce myself to Toyota to form a working relationship with them.

Since meeting Toyota several years back, it has been a great partnership!

And this year, I only reviewed Toyota-branded vehicles because, at this moment, they are the only ones that are worth buying in this economy.

Car prices are inflated, and so are interest rates; however, when it comes to Toyotas and Lexus, they hold their values and are worth the higher price.  And with proper care, their vehicles last for years.

And speaking of Toyotas, my favorite car I reviewed this year is the 2022 Toyota Tacoma!  I never knew that driving a truck could be so much fun!

I thought driving trucks would be more for men that use them for work.  But women can also drive them and use them for leisure purposes.  For example, trucks are great for tailgating and camping.

My Advice to You

Before I go, I want to leave you with advice.

Don't hop on the latest trends because all it does will burn you out.  Trends die, and you'll be chasing trends, hoping for viral moments.  That's hustling backward.  

You be the leader!  Do what makes you happy; your work will shine through, and people will notice.  Don't be a sheep, and follow what other people do.  Stand out from the crowd and be yourself!

If you're looking to become a blogger in the new year, check out my post on how to start a product review blog.

Remember, success isn't instant; you must put in the work to see it blossom, so don't give up!

I hope you all had a great 2022!  I hope 2023 brings you good health, success, happiness, and new beginnings!

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