I was on The Drew Barrymore Show! Topic: Talking to Kids about Money

Video: I was on The Drew Barrymore Show!  Topic: Talking to Kids about Money

Did you see me on The Drew Barrymore Show on 11/3?  You may have been busy with the elections, but I was on the election episode regarding how to talk to kids about money.

It's so cool how this opportunity came about.  While I was in Orlando celebrating Lauren's 15th birthday, I saw an email come through saying that they found me on Instagram using the hashtag #MomofTeens, and wanted to know if I would like to be on the show.

At first, while reading the email, I thought this might be a scam since I get quite a bit of fraudulent emails.  I showed Mr. M the email; he read it and told me to do some research when returning home since we didn't know Drew even had a show.

I checked to see if Drew indeed had a show when I got home, and sure enough, she did!  "The Drew Barrymore Show" is optimistic TV, bringing information, inspiration, and entertainment to the daytime audience that she started this year.

Now, this is something I would love to be a part of!

I had to send in a video of myself asking a couple of questions for the financial expert to answer on the show.  My questions were, "When is a good time to open a bank account for teens, and when should teens start building their credit?"  I sent the video to the production assistant, and they told me they will review it and let me know the next steps.

I thought that the video was going to be used on the show, but little did I know it was actually my audition tape.

About a few days later, the production assistant said the show loved my video and questions and wanted me on the show!  Whoa! Drew Barrymore and be on TV, count me in!!!!

Due to the pandemic, instead of physically being on the show in-person, I had to do my part through Zoom.  That's fine with me since I didn't have to fly to Los Angeles.

The night before taping, I had to hop on the phone with the production assistant and practice my lines.  Also, they sent me an email the night before with the link to the Zoom call.  I was made aware that I will indeed be talking directly with Drew and how I would like her to introduce me; by either Lou or my actual name, Louida (Lou-why-da).  

I've been going by my nickname Lou for years now because no one ever gets my name right at the first try.  I wanted Drew to recite my birth given name, so I had the production assistant have her say my full first name.  I was worried that Drew would get my name wrong on national television, but hey, at this point, I'm pretty much use to it.

During the taping day, which was 10/21, before it was time for me to hop on Zoom, there was a slight change to my questions.  They wanted me to only ask about opening a bank account for teens because another mother after me with a college student will ask a similar question.  That was fine with me, so my question would be quick without me fumbling my words.

Before Drew started talking with me, I had to practice my line again on Zoom with the production assistant.  I did so well that they thought I was a natural!  Starting doing YouTube videos helped build up my confidence, not to mention asking Dolly Parton a question last year in person helped too.

While waiting before it was my turn to be on, I got to watch Drew behind the scenes with makeup, dress changes, set changes, and seeing the crew have fun together while they were getting everything ready.  Also, I got to chat with some of the production crew as well.  

The production assistant and I were speaking together about this blog, and she loves all the stuff I have done with it and the way it is presented. She was quite surprised that I blog for a living, and I'm apart of the OG's of blogging.  The production assistant said there was a similar segment they did on a past show about different ways to make money, and blogging came up in the topic.  Too bad they didn't find me sooner for that show as well.  I would love to share about my blogging journey on TV.

Finally, my time has come to ask my question!  And, Drew got my name right as if she knew me all her life!

I was on with Drew and the financial expert for a while, but my part looked like it was very short due to editing.

What an incredible experience I had being on the show!  And I love Drew Barrymore!  She is just as she is on-screen, sweet, funny, and kind-hearted.  

As the saying goes, you never know who is watching you!  Be yourself because everyone else is taken. 

And by the way, if you have watched the whole segment of talking with your kids about money, we already do things that the financial expert mentioned, like paying your kids to do more than just regular chores.

For instance, with paid campaigns I have on this blog, I pay my daughters to take pictures of me, and when they're featured in a campaign.  And Mr. M pays them to do different tasks around the house.  They get to tell him how much they want to do for said task, and they come to an agreement with a rate.  This is teaching them how to become entrepreneurs.

As for a bank account for my girls, I'll be working on that very soon because I hate them having cash on them, taking the risk of losing it.  Plus, they need to learn about saving their money instead of blowing it on Amazon and clothing stores.

Make sure to watch The Drew Barrymore show, check your local listings for day and time.

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  1. Congrats again! What a fantastic experience. I had no idea Drew had a show.

    1. Thanks Janet! Neither did I, but glad I know now so I can tune in when I get a chance.

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