4 Ways Busy Parents Can Save Money When Shopping in Bulk

4 Ways Busy Parents Can Save Money When Shopping in Bulk

Grocery shopping has changed becoming more difficult to shop due to what’s going on today, but now when many parents are trying to get all their shopping done in one trip and stock up, it is more important than ever to understand how to save.

Shopping in bulk is one way to help parents save money; not only is bulk shopping often cheaper in terms of what you get for your money, but it also lets you save on gas and travel expenses. So to help you during these difficult times here are 4 ways busy parents can save money when shopping in bulk.

Focus on Shelf-Stable Staples

Currently, some stores put limits on how many of certain high-demand food you can buy, like eggs and milk. When buying in bulk, it is important to think about how long the food you buy can last.

Buying cans, beans, rice, and other staples is the best use of your money as they are least likely to run out. A major part of saving is thinking towards the future and avoiding food waste. By focusing on shelf-stable items, you can be sure to save more than if you bought food that you do not end up using.

Use Coupons

If the thought of constantly clipping coupons and hustling from store to store gives you hives, don’t worry. There are many digital coupons and apps like Ibotta and E-coupons that allow you to select coupons online for major purchases. Your store may even have their own individual coupons that you can sign up for via email.

The important thing when using coupons is to always compare and don’t assume that you need to use them all. Buying an off-brand product may still save you more than using a brand product with a coupon.

Check your Rewards

Many stores allow you to sign up for rewards programs to get bigger and better savings. Find out if your local grocers have some sort of reward programs or even cards you can get that will give you money back.

You should also take advantage of rewards that specific bank credit and debit cards and checking accounts offer for things like general or grocery purchases. By choosing the right card and taking advantage of reward programs, you can be sure to make the biggest bang for your buck.

Make a List

While this seems basic, making a list is probably the most important thing you can do to save money. Impulse and panic buying can bite into your budget, so take the time to carefully plan out ahead of time the things you need to purchase.

Making a list helps you focus on what you really need, and avoid areas of the store that have nonessential purchases and unnecessary expenses.

There are many ways for busy parents to save while shopping. Use these tips to ensure your next shopping trip goes smoothly and saves you as much money as possible.

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