Currently: It is Now My Summer Break! See What I'm Up To

Currently: It is Now My Summer Break!  See What I'm Up To

And just like that, summer break is over for my daughters.  Now, I'm a mom of a 7th and 8th grader!  It's crazy how fast the time is flying; I can't imagine that my oldest will be headed off to high school next year, and I'm not prepared for that at all.  I've been emotional just thinking about it. 

Summer break was all over the place for us.  From the first half being washed out from daily thunderstorms, the girls continually fighting each other, and us spending a lot of the time at conventions, I need a break!  I declared when the girls return to school, it is the start of my "Mom's Summer Break," I'm deserving of it, and looking forward to getting my life back on track.

Here are some of the things we did over the summer break:

Pirates Voyage Dinner in Pigeon Forge, TN

Return to MomoCon

Atlanta History Center

Road Tripping in the 2019 Toyota RAV4

Seasons 52 Private Opening Event

Children of Eden Play at Aurora Theatre

Two Conventions in One Weekend: Southern Fried Gaming Expo and Atlanta Comic Con

Family Vacation in Destin, Florida

Grand Openings at the Mall of Georgia

Raising two teen girls have been becoming harder as the day passes by.  A lot of arguments been going on with Michelle and me, and I think it is due to the preadolescence age.  She has been becoming emotional, also not listening.  On top of that, I deal with Lauren's bad attitude at times too.  I've gotten to the point of going to my room shutting the door behind me so I won't be bothered by anyone.

Don't get me wrong; my daughters are great kids and mean well.  I have been through the same thing at their age, going through puberty and giving my parents a rough time.  It's hard when you don't have a supportive tribe to lean on and doing it all yourself.  Mr. M, surrounded by a house of girls, ignores all the commotion, put on his headphones, and tune out the drama, which leaves me hashing it out with my hormonal girls.

What I'll Be Up to For My Summer Break

With the girls in school now, I returned to hitting the gym again and going on day dates with Mr. M.  I gained about 10lbs over the summer break, and need to lose that and then some.  I feel like the stress of the girls had me eating poorly, and losing myself.  It's like I let myself go.  During my Mom Summer Break, I'm getting ME back!

During my girls' summer break, I neglected not only myself but my house chores too.  I'll be spending time cleaning up and organizing, getting rid of clutter that has no purpose in my house anymore.

Currently: It is Now My Summer Break!  See What I'm Up To
Nadeen from The Sophisticated Life and Kim from Work Hard Travel Well

Also, besides going on day dates again, I'll be attending local events here in Atlanta.  So far, I have been to Travel Massive meet up for my blog to network with like-minded individuals that have a passion for travel as well.

Blogging is evolving, bringing the blog outside of the internet world and into real life.  It's getting much harder to work with brands, so I have to think outside of pitching them through email and doing it in-person.  I prefer it that way anyway; it's much more personable.  So, my summer break will be filled with networking and putting myself out there.  "Hello world, here I am in the flesh!"

Oh, and speaking of putting myself out there.  I've been stepping outside of my comfort zone and doing more video, have you noticed?  We're living in a world now that people watch videos more than reading content, so I decided I need to start stepping behind the camera more instead of just snapping pictures.  Lights, Cameras, Action!  Make sure to follow me on YouTube to see my videos.

Other than all that, I'll be taking it easy at home.  I'll be enjoying the return of fall programming on TV, cooler weather coming our way, and my birthday coming soon!  No plans for my birthday, probably be something similar to my day dates with Mr. M.

Well y'all, I hope you're enjoying these last days of summer.  And thank you for hanging in there with me, because I know you have noticed I haven't been putting out much content as I use to.  I'm going to stick with 2 to 3 blog posts a week to make sure my posts are being seen.  Plus, I have been doing a lot of technical work behind the scenes fixing the damage my old graphic designer did.  Lawd that also had me losing myself and stressed out as well.

How was your summer break?  Do you have plans for the fall months?

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  1. I am focused on losing weight myself the rest of this year and really marketing my tshirts so I can get on the ball with that. I need to redo my website design to showcase more of me when you come on the page instead of the blog so I can start building a brand moreso than a blog

    1. You got this girl! Yes, people want to see you! I love the fact you're showing yourself more, that's how you'll grow because you are the brand.

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