Eating Our Way through the Menu at bartaco Atlanta/Chastain Park

Eating Our Way through the Menu at Bartaco Atlanta/Chastain Park

As many of you know, Mr. M and I like to go on day dates when the girls are at school. It's the best time for us to spend quality time together without all the crowds since during the day people are at work.

The girls returned to school after a two-month summer break on August 5th, so Mr. M and I returned to our routine of hitting the gym and going on our weekly day dates.

Eating Our Way through the Menu at Bartaco Atlanta/Chastain Park

Our first date of the school year was at bartaco to feast on tasty tacos and sip cocktails. It was like a celebration surviving summer break because our girls wore us out, especially me! I deserve to treat myself to my favorite food, tacos!

Also, who says tacos are only for Tuesdays? They're great to have any day of the week! Don't you agree?

Mr. M and I were invited to dine-in at bartaco to try out their fan-favorite taco that is returning for a limited time, Crispy Oyster Tacos.

Also, did you know that August 5th is National Oyster Day? So, the occasion was fitting to try out these savory street tacos.

Crispy Oyster Tacos at Bartaco

The Crispy Oyster Tacos are perfectly fried and crispy, wild gulf oysters, soaked in buttermilk and dredged in the most delicious, seasoned masa, paired with a refreshing and tangy oyster sauce.

Crispy Oyster Tacos at Bartaco

I'm not much of an oyster fan or eating fried foods, but these oyster tacos were a huge hit for me! The crispy breading compliments the taste of the oyster just right, having me think that I was eating fried shrimps instead. Also, the oyster inside the breading didn't have that soft texture, the reason why I do not particularly appreciate eating oysters.

Moreover, what I also appreciated that everything is made fresh, and the fried breading wasn't oily at all.

Bar at Bartaco

Outdoor seating at Bartaco

This was our first time visiting bartaco, and when I stepped in, immediately I can tell the restaurant has a coastal beach theme. The atmosphere is very laid-back, for a relaxing day of freshly made tacos, and specialty cocktails. The decor is so picturesque that the place was made for cute snapshots for Instagram. I loved the woven baskets hanging from the roof, such a neat touch.

Hanging Basket Lighting at Bartaco

I'm a beach girl at heart, so bartaco is right up my alley! I don't know why I haven't been to this upscale taco eatery before, but for sure I'll be returning for more of their mouthwatering tacos.

Although we were there to try out the Crispy Oyster Tacos, Mr. M and I ate our way through the menu as well. We were getting a taste of more of what bartaco has to offer.

Cocktail drinks at Bartaco

We ate Carne Asada, Crispy Rock Shrimp, and Baja Fish Tacos. The Crispy Rock Shrimp was the stand out winner for Mr. M, which reminded him of eating rock shrimps in California when he was younger, one of his favorites. So, speaking of rock shrimps, the Crispy Oyster Tacos taste similar to Crispy Rock Shrimp with the same texture and taste.

Baja Fish Tacos and Carne Asada Tacos at Bartaco

Rock Shrimp Tacos at Bartaco

Not only does bartaco, of course, serve tacos, but they also have delicious rice bowls and other dishes as well.

Chicken Chorizo Rice Bowl at Bartaco

Plantains and Chicken Chorizo Rice Bowl

To finish my meal off, I ended with a sweet key lime pie in a jar. Yum!

Key Lime Pie in a Jar at Bartaco

Everything we ate was excellent! bartaco is now my favorite taco spot in Atlanta. A great place to eat, drink, and be merry!

Also, I can't forget about customer service! Our server made sure our visit was pleasant catering to our every need, making sure we had an unforgettable experience.

If you're in the Atlanta area, there are three bartaco locations to choose from, Chastain Park, Iman Park, and West Midtown.

Disclosure- I received these meals complimentary, all thoughts and opinions are our own.

Have you ever eaten at bartaco?

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  1. Looks and sounds Delicious ! Great Review !

  2. I love the Baja Fish and the Carne Asada ones so much! I will have to grab a friend and head over to get one of the crispy oyster ones!

    1. You'll love those crispy oyster tacos!

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