True Matte Makeup: Covergirl TruBlend Matte Made Foundation Review

True Matte Makeup: Covergirl TruBlend Matte Made Foundation Review  via

Covergirl!  Put the bass in your walk!  Head to toe, let your whole body talk!  And...what!

Sorry, whenever I think of Covergirl, the song from RuPaul's Drag Race comes to mind.

Anyway, guess what y'all!  I got my hands on Covergirl's latest makeup foundation collection, Covergirl TruBlend Matte Made.  This foundation is for oily girls like myself looking for an all-day wear makeup that won't make you look greasy by the end of the day.  The foundation is a comforting matte, that doesn't feel cakey on the skin, and transfer resistant.

True Matte Makeup: Covergirl TruBlend Matte Made Foundation Review  via

Before Covergirl sent me some of their new products to try out, I already had tried one of the TruBlend Matte Made foundation.  I don't know if it was a commercial I saw, or maybe advertisement on Instagram, but I went and purchased a jar of it at Target one morning after I dropped off my girls at school.  Before using the TruBlend Matte Made foundation, I have been using Fenty but wanted a change.  I just can't justify paying over $40 for foundation all the time, plus Fenty is always sold out.

For years, I only used department store foundations because to me it looked better, more natural on my skin.  Plus, drugstore foundations were thin, never had my color, leave a streaky, oily mess on my face.

But times are changing, and drugstore companies are listening, providing quality products for all skin types and tones.  Covergirl TruBlend Matte Made foundations comes in 40 different shades, so people are guaranteed to find the perfect match.

TruBlend Matte Made's formula is developed with flexi-hold technology that creates a strong, yet flexible film on the skin for durability and comfort, while the mattifying powders absorb oil and minimize pores for a soft matte, flawless finish. Up to 12 hours of wear.


The foundation I purchased at Target was D10, I did a swatch on my hand and thought it was the correct shade for me.  Little did I know, due to being in the sun all summer my hands darkened a couple of shades, so the color was too dark for my face when I applied it at home.

And I kid you not, later that day, Covergirl's PR contacted me about TruBlend Matte Made foundations, and wanted to see if I would like samples.  Heck yeah, I would!  I need to find the perfect match for me, so I don't waste money buying more of the wrong colors.

7 am, ding dong, the doorbell rang the following day after speaking to Covergirl's PR rep.  They overnighted me 8 different shades for me to try out immediately, out of the 40 in the collection.

True Matte Makeup: Covergirl TruBlend Matte Made Foundation Review  via

Here is what all I received:

Covergirl TruBlend Matte Made Foundations

  • Has a flexi-hold technology (PVP) which creates a strong, yet a flexible film that’s comfortable on the skin

  • FLEXIBLE: Response to face movements

  • PROTECTIVE: Keeps the elements of foundation in place

  • COMFORTABLE: It’s not tacky or tight on the skin

  • Transfer-proof wear that blurs the appearance of pores and minimizes the appearance of imperfections

  • Airbrush effect that provides a smooth, filtered and flawless look

  • Reduces the appearance of redness and blemishes

4 Covergirl TruBlend Base Business Skin Primer (Color Neutralizing, Skin Smoothing, Pore-Minimizing, Illuminating)

Covergirl Look Lock Up All-Day Setting Mist

Formula & Benefits:

  • Microfine mist with a weightless, barely-there feel that prevents makeup from smudging or settling into fine lines

  • Infused with cucumber and chamomile extract

  • Humidity, sweat, and heat resistant

Covergirl Lid Lock Up Eye Shadow Primer

Formula & Benefits

  • The formula that smooths and preps lids for all-day, crease-proof color

  • Maximize the wear and intensity of your favorite shadows

Going through my foundation loot, I came across foundation T90.  That shade looks the closest to my skin tone, so I tried that one first.

True Matte Makeup: Covergirl TruBlend Matte Made Foundation Review  via

Getting started, I applied a primer, then foundation T90.  The consistency of the foundation is thick and creamy.

True Matte Makeup: Covergirl TruBlend Matte Made Foundation Review  via

To get full coverage with TruBlend Matte Made foundation, you have to apply several coats of it.  But, what I did was use a concealer to cover up my dark marks after the first layer of foundation, I was too afraid the makeup would look heavy.  For the foundation to be so thick, I would've thought one coat would be enough to cover all imperfections adequately.

I applied a setting powder after I let the foundation dry for a couple of minutes to avoid dry, dark patches.  Then, completed the look with setting spray.

True Matte Makeup: Covergirl TruBlend Matte Made Foundation Review  via

My makeup came out flawlessly!  Looks so natural, as if it is my own skin.  For just a little over $8, a drugstore foundation created a look as if I got my makeup done professionally.  I see you Covergirl!  Competing with the top department brands!  Sorry Fenty, I'm now moving to Covergirl for my foundation needs.

As for lasting all day, Covergirl TruBlend Matte Made foundation lasted through the summer heat without me needing to apply more setting powder.  However, my t-zone did get a bit oily, but that is to be expected for me since that area of my face is always oily.  All I did was blotted that area once or twice during the day.

True Matte Makeup: Covergirl TruBlend Matte Made Foundation Review  via

I have several foundations colors I don't need.  Do you know your color?  I'll give you one for free!  Currently, I have available:


For me to ship this to you free of charge (You must live in the US), all I ask of you is to social share 3 of the following posts:

And let me know you shared in the comments, and email me the shade you want and shipping address.

Disclosure: I was provided these PR samples for free, all thoughts and opinions are my own.  Post contains affiliate links.

Have you tried Covergirl TruBlend Matte Made Makeup collection yet?

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  1. Good morning Sunshine! I would love to try out a shade! I do not know my coloi, but if you could give me a few hours to review the ones you have I would appreciate it. Getting ready for work. Oh, and I have shared your post on my Twitter account @sunphant. Have a great day!

    1. Hey girl! I got your message and will be shipping out your foundation today!

  2. I have a hard time picking out foundation in store too and but sometimes I luck out on the right shade. These look great on you. I'll have to look into this as well!

    1. This is the reason why I was only buying makeup from department stores, there is someone available to match me with the correct shade.

  3. Gm Lou, I'm happy to share this morning. Let me know if any shades are left. Id still like to try it.

    1. I shared all three on Twitter this morning. Didn't read the post until this morning. Are you all out by now?

    2. Thanks for sharing Janet! I'm out of the darker shades. I'm sorry. 😞

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