7 Hacks to Make Your Road Trip the Best Ever!

Road Tripping in Chevy Equinox

Going on a road trip can be really fun or it can be a road trip that you can’t wait to be over.

With the right company and these seven hacks for the perfect road trip, you are one step closer to having a really fun one.

Today I’m sharing with you my best hacks that you’ve probably never thought of but will want to make sure that you use during your next road trip.

Have a Charger Adapter

Taking the kids with you or adults that need a bit more entertainment to keep themselves occupied on long car rides?

Having a charger adapter is necessary.

It will allow them to keep devices such as portable DVD players and laptops charged so they can avoid annoying the crap out of you.

Bring Along a Personal Fridge

Want to save money and time by not having to stop for beverages and food?

Bring along a personal fridge during your next road trip.

It will be one of the best investments that you make.

You can keep your drinks cold and whatever food you have can be kept fresh as well.

It will keep the temperature for about two hours once unplugged and if you have a charger adapter you can easily keep it plugged in while on the road.

Use Shower Suction Organizers to Hold Small Items

Your kids, or even adult passengers, may want to bring some small items with them to keep them entertained during the long stretches of silence.

Make sure that no one loses their items by attaching shower suction organizers to the windows that can easily hold items such as iPods and fidgets.

Let Your Phone Lead You Back to Your Car

Ever parked in a crowded parking lot during your road trip or parked somewhere to go sightseeing during a break and had no clue where your car was?

Forget having to set off your alarm!

All you must do is go to your maps app and drop a pin of your current location before leaving your car and then once you’re ready to return to it your phone will lead you back.

Heck, this hack can even work when you’re doing shopping trips or amusement park visits as well.

Take a Roll of Quarters with You

You never know when you’re going to need some change. Whether you find yourself having to go through a toll, put some air in your tire, or the kids wanting something out of the vending machine during a bathroom break, you can always be prepared for the unexpected by already having a roll, or two, of quarters already in the car.

Give Passengers a Map with the Route Traced Out With Timed Stops

Do your passengers or children always seem to want to know how much further or when the next stretch break will be?

It can get so annoying and frustrating!

Save yourself the misery by creating a map with routes traced out, stops added in, and anything else they could possibly want to keep pestering you about knowing during your trip.

Now all they must do is check the map for themselves and they’ll know everything that they need to know instead of constantly pestering you.

Use the Sit or Squat App

Are you like me and can’t force yourself to use a dirty public restroom?

You must try the Sit or Squat app.

This free app allows you to see and find out about the potential public restrooms available along your route so you can save time from having to go from place to place checking for a restroom that meets your needs.

My Final Thoughts on Hacks for the Perfect Road Trip

Ya’ll know I love to travel. However, even though it’s easier for me to do enjoyable road trips with the girls now that they’re older, it wasn’t always this easy.

With these hacks, you can have the perfect road trip and many of these will help you keep your overall sanity.

They’re perfect for traveling with kids and adults.

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Do you have a road trip hack that I didn’t cover? Make sure you tell me all about it in the comments section below. Not only will you be doing me a huge favor, but you’ll also be helping some others put the fun back into their road trips. 

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