Top Fun Things You Need to Do This Fall

Top Fun Things You Need to Do This Fall  via

Fall is one of the best seasons. There is so much to do and the leaves change color, which brings the scenery to life. While during all seasons you can do fun things, fall just has a magical touch added to it. Today, we’re going to be discussing the top fun things that you need to do this fall. 

Go Apple Picking

If you’ve never been apple picking before, fall is one of the best times to do so. Head to your local orchard with your family, or friends, and experience apple picking first hand. This way you can be confident knowing that nothing harmful has been added to your apples. Plus, when you get home you can try out some new apple recipes to make treats or stick with traditional treats such as apple pie. 

Top Fun Things You Need to Do This Fall  via

Go on a Hay Ride

When the leaves start to change color, it means that its hay riding season. A hayride will allow you to take a break from technology, enjoy the fall weather, and check out the fall foliage. 

Make sure you don’t let missing a hay ride past you by this fall by checking out places that offer them in your area now. 

Top Fun Things You Need to Do This Fall  via

Experience Getting Lost in a Corn Maze


Have you ever gotten lost in a corn maze? If not, let this fall be the year that you experience what the corn maze madness is about. You can go to a traditional corn maze or if you’re more of a thrill seeker go to one of the spooky ones to check out all the scary things that are waiting inside. 

This is a great activity for families to do together and you can be sure that no one will be glaring into their cellphone. 

Go on a Hot Air Balloon Ride


When it comes to doing something fun, going on a hot air balloon ride in the fall should be near the top of your bucket list. I recommend doing this at least once during the fall season even if you have experienced hot air ballooning before since admiring the fall foliage from up high is simply breathtaking.

These rides usually last for about an hour, which gives you plenty of time to get out and get some fresh air. Plus being a couple of thousand feet in the air, you’ll be able to take your mind off things and feel truly at peace. 

Top Fun Things You Need to Do This Fall  via

Go to a Fall Festival


During the fall is when a lot of festivals take place. Check out your local areas roster to see what festivals they have planned for the fall. 

Many of these are family orientated events and you could spend an entire day at them exploring what they have to offer. You will have access to new information, delicious food, and various activities for the entire family to take part in. 

When your kids say they’re bored this fall, take them to a festival and they are sure to not only have a great time but be worn out by the time they return home as well.

There are many things that you can do during the fall. 

It can be a time to try something new such as hot air ballooning or even something as extreme as skydiving for the first time. You have an assortment of options available.

If you’re more of a traditional person, you could even just continue with the normal things you do to have fun during any other time of the year, but just admire the fall foliage on your way to your destinations. 

Whatever you decide is perfectly fine. Just make sure that you take the time to do some fun things with your family this fall to experience all the magical wonderfulness of fall.

What fun things do you like to do during the fall? Do you have any fall traditions that you look forward to each year? Make sure you tell me all about it in the comments section below and let me know if you have tried, or plan to do, any of the things that made my list.

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  1. Hey Lou, a hot air balloon ride sounds like fun. I think they have a festival in Kennesaw!

    1. Hey girl! If I wasn't scared of heights I would get on one.

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