My Birthday Celebration: See What I Did and Got

My Birthday Celebration: See What I Did and Got   via

Hey Yall!  I wanted to give thanks to every single one of you for the birthday shout out.  You all made my day super special!

Since I didn't have an extravagant birthday like I did last year, I enjoyed my born-day at a few restaurants with my family.

Usually, I would suggest having my birthday dinner at Benihana because I love having a hibachi meal, but I wanted to change things up a bit, plus they didn't send me my free meal birthday coupon.  What's up with that? 😞

Eatin' Good

This past Sunday, my whole family and I gathered together for a yummy brunch at Copeland's.  Copeland's brunches to me are the best.  So much variety of flavorful New Orleans style food, every dish is scrumptious.  That's why Copeland's is my #1 pick for places to eat at on special occasions like Mother's Day and Birthdays.

Monday, September 18th, my big day!  The day I came to the world!

My Birthday Celebration: See What I Did and Got   via

With the girls in school, Mr. M and I celebrated my big day having a delicious, hearty lunch at Bone's Restaurant.

Bone's was my choice because my old employer and coworker took me there during the holidays last year for lunch and to catch up on what I've been up too.  I was so impressed by the high quality of the food, the exceptional service; I knew this was the place to go for a special date with Mr. M.

When Mr. M found out where I wanted to have my birthday date, he hopped on OpenTable app and made reservations.  But what I didn't know is that he let the app know that he and I were celebrating my birthday.

When I got to the upscale steak restaurant, I was brought to a table covered in birthday confetti.  I was quite surprised by this and asked Mr. M did he tell them it was my birthday?  He gave me a grin and was like, "I don't know?" 😏 Mr. Slick...LOL!  πŸ˜„

My Birthday Celebration: See What I Did and Got   via

My server and host wine and dined me, making me feel like a queen while I'm surrounded by corporate men in suits and ties on their lunch break.

I made my server loosen up a bit though; he was just too, what can I say, formal with us.  He doesn't need to be like that with Mr. M and I, we're not like those uppity executive snobs he is used to serving.

Our meals were excellent!  It's like Bone's paid extra detail to the preparation of each dish.  Everything was on point!  Our steaks were tender and well made to our preference (medium-well).  The sides were served family-style with enough food for the both of us.

My Birthday Celebration: See What I Did and Got   via

My Birthday Celebration: See What I Did and Got   via

My Birthday Celebration: See What I Did and Got   via

And the surprises didn't stop there!

After Mr. M and I were done with our food about to leave, the server snuck behind me and placed a huge ice cream cake on the table.  That made my birthday lunch complete!  I asked Mr. M did he know about the cake as well, and he said no he didn't.

My Birthday Celebration: See What I Did and Got   via

Since the ice cream cake was so enormous, we split eating the cake together.

Birthday Gifts to Myself

When it comes to receiving birthday gifts, I don't request anything.  I usually just go out and do a little splurge on myself.

This year's splurge was buying myself a few outfits from NY and Company and Target.  Also, I got my hands on the new foundation from the singer Rhianna's Fenty makeup line.

My Birthday Celebration: See What I Did and Got   via

Everyone has been flocking to Sephora to get their stash of Fenty, but Sephora has quickly sold out of almost everything.  I was fortunate enough to find my foundation shade at Sephora inside of JCPenney.  I wish I would have purchased the last two of my color because the way things are looking, foundations won't be back in stock for weeks, maybe even months!

Reviews of the Fenty line has been nothing but positive, and I see why when it comes to the foundation.  The foundation is true to skin color and undertones making the makeup look like your own skin, glides on soft, doesn't feel heavy, with buildable coverage.  With it being a matte foundation, setting powder doesn't necessarily have to be used.

Already, I've had several people compliment me on my makeup on how flawless it looks. 

Rhianna did an excellent job creating this line.  It's like she listened to the needs of foundation shades for African Americans.  I know makeup companies got a wake-up call when the new Fenty came out, hopefully, they'll start making more colors for darker skin tones and stop creating makeup with super red undertones.

I Love Me Some Birthday Freebies!

Another part of my birthday that I love is going to my favorite beauty stores collecting my freebies from Sephora and Ulta.

This year, both stores didn't disappoint.  Look what makeup freebies I received.

My Birthday Celebration: See What I Did and Got   via

Ulta: NYX Eye Shadow Palette- These neutral colors are right up my alley.  I'm not into the whole dramatic makeup look; I'm more of a no-makeup, makeup look.  I'll mainly use this palette during my travels

Sephora: tarte Blush and Lip paint- The blush looks like it may be too light for my skin tone and more for summer months.  But, I'll give the blush a chance.  The lip gloss is called Birthday Suit, fitting for a birthday gift.  The color is neutral, like a soft, creamy matte pink color.  I'll use it when I want to give my lips a bit of color.

Moroccanoil- This is not a birthday freebie, but a freebie I chose using my points I've accumulated with my rewards card through Sephora.  I mainly got it for Michelle to oil her scalp to help relieve her itchiness.

Another year in the books!  Thank you all again for the birthday love, I truly appreciate it! 😘

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  1. What a great celebration Lou!πŸ‘Sounds good to me, and I wish you many more fabulous years to come!
    Keep rocking lady #frommybigeyes πŸ‘€

  2. The food at Bones looks delicious!!! I'm glad you had a great birthday. ☺

  3. Wow, what a wonderful lunch, I would have been asleep by 3 - lol. Happy Belated Birthday Fellow Virgo! #PRP

  4. I'm glad you had a awesome birthday Lou. I have to check out this OpenTable app, Mr.M just gave me something to check out.

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