Deep Hair Treatment and Self-Care Session with Sky Organics

Deep Hair Treatment and Self-Care Session with Sky Organics  via

Hey Yall!  I hope you all are doing well and getting some much needed time for yourself.

Last week was so exhausting with tensions running so high, I felt like running in my clothes closet, locking the door and throwing away the key!

First of all, my girls are continually fighting each other, having meltdowns, and not listening.  I know what you're thinking, "Not the girls!  No way!"

Well, yes way!  These crazy teen years are starting to kick in, and I'm not ready for it at all.  Now I see what my parents went through.  Here I am thinking that I'll coast through these teen years smoothly without a hitch, yet they're not even teens yet, and I'm already trying to find the nearest wine bottle and pour up a glass or two!  LOL!

And another thing, all the hatred, rudeness, bullying spewing on social media, is just too much!  I'm all about positivity, uplifting one another.  When I see negativity brewing, I cut it out my life quick, fast, and in a hurry!  I had to detach myself from social media a lot and cut off the news.

While the girls were at school and Mr. M out working, I took some time for myself to relax and soothe my soul with a mini pampering hair session.

It's been awhile since I've last did a deep conditioning with my hair at home.  I use to do them religiously and have no clue why I've stopped.  My hair thrives so well when I do deep conditionings.  Now, with me wearing my hair in flat ironed styles, my hair needs repair more than ever.

A long time ago, I used to do warm coconut oil hair treatments; it helped softened my hair and bringing my hair back to life.

Deep Hair Treatment and Self-Care Session with Sky Organics  via

This time around I did it a little different with the coconut oil by adding lavender oil.  Lavender works great stimulating hair growth. Also, this essential oil helps with stress and anxiety.  I use to use lavender oil on my girls when they were babies during their night time bath, it helped calm them and put them right to sleep.

Deep Hair Treatment and Self-Care Session with Sky Organics  via

While the coconut and lavender oil mixture along with my regular conditioner soaked through my strands, I used my heat cap for deeper penetration.

Goodness, mind my manners, I forgot to share what brand I used!  Sky Organics.

Sky Organics products are always handcrafted in small batches with ethical ingredients, love, and integrity.  They never test their products on animals.  Each product is packed full of healing, nourishing, and beneficial organic ingredients found in nature.  They are all sourced from highly reputable, all-natural organic artisanal farms, which practice and incorporate responsible work ethics and pesticide free environment.  Sky Organics is the best quality products sourced from around the world.

There are three products I received in my box along with DIY Recipe cards for each product.

Deep Hair Treatment and Self-Care Session with Sky Organics   via

Coconut Oil: Sky Organics' Coconut Oil is made with handpicked wild-harvested coconuts.  They are grown by artisanal farmers in Vietnam.

Coconut Oil is rich in nutrients, fatty acids, vitamins, and minerals.  It's also known antioxidant, antiviral, antifungal, and antibacterial; making it a useful and essential oil to have around the house.

Coconut is good for conditioning hair, to treat skin conditions, fight acne, use as a natural deodorant, and to keep your hand moisturized.

Deep Hair Treatment and Self-Care Session with Sky Organics  via

Lavender Oil:  Sky Organics' Lavender Oil is cold-pressed in France with real French Lavender.

You can get the benefits of Lavender by applying topically or through aromatherapy.  The calming scent of Lavender Oil is excellent for treating nervous tensions, emotional stress, depression, and anxiety.

Lavender makes a great bug repellant, helps induce sleep, helps to relieve menstrual cramps and headaches, makes hair healthier, also good for treating hair loss, and fights acne and cleanse the skin.

Deep Hair Treatment and Self-Care Session with Sky Organics  via

Argan Oil:  Sky Organics' is cold-pressed, and unrefined Argan Oil is sourced directly from artisanal farmers in Morocco.

The Argan is rich in Vitamin A, E, and essential fatty acids.  Vitamin E is extremely beneficial for the hair, as it promotes healthy growth and helps repair damaged hair from UV rays, irons, or chemicals.

Argan Oil makes a fantastic leave-in conditioner, works well to smooth out your blowouts creating extra shine and preventing frizz, also works great as a skin moisturizer.

Now, back to my deep conditioning session.

Deep Hair Treatment and Self-Care Session with Sky Organics  via

While my hair was marinating underneath my heating cap, I took that time to go through my emails, reply to clients, and do some more work I've been avoiding on my blog.

My self-care time had me feeling all kinds of wonderful!  I felt more relaxed, mellow, pretty much chill.  I was so relaxed it took me over two hours to get up and wash out my deep conditioner mixture.  😴

My hair felt so nourished as if my hair drank eight glasses of water after a hard workout.  I ran my fingers through my coily hair and not once did a finger get trapped in a tangle.

For added moisture, I used the Argan Oil as a sealant to lock in the moisture, then styled my hair doing my signature twist-out hairdo.  My hair felt so lush, bouncy, full of shine!  It's like my hair was instantly repaired!

Ladies, take some time out and pamper yourself, whether it's doing your hair, giving yourself a facial, or treating your skin.  Sky Organics has the high-quality products you need for your at-home pampering session.

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  1. Momma's need a break! I could use a treatment right now! I use lavender but never as a deep conditioner. I'll have to remember this!

  2. I use argan oil and coconut oil as well. They do the trick for my dry scalp. I like lavender but unfortunately it gives me a headache. I appreciate you sharing your hair regiment with us. This is a simple and natural method. #productreviewparty

  3. OMG! Why have I never thought about using lavender in my hair. It is my favorite essential oil. I do use argan oil faithfully in my hair and my middle son's hair as it makes both of our hair feel and look amazing. I may just have to check out this line of products because once I take these Senegalese twists out I am going to need a deep condition before moving on to my next style.

  4. I gave my sons a bottle of Argan Oil a few years ago and it made their hair look and feel great. I keep a bottle in my bathroom for my hands. #ProductReviewParty

  5. My skin gets a rash if coconut oil gets on it. I do use Argan oil in my hair every night and I love how it makes it feel the next day!

  6. Hi Lou,

    Great review! I have always loved coconut oil, and I like to use it for my skincare and haircare DIY products. But I don't have a heating cap, thanks for mentioning that!
    I will make sure to get one next time I condition my hair.

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