Summer Job Ideas for Teens in 2024

Summer Job Ideas for Teens

While summer can be filled with barbecues, fun, and relaxing on the beach, for many teens it's also a great time to focus on a first job to make some extra money. While it's certainly true that mowing lawns and babysitting are both excellent first jobs, there are some other summer job ideas for teens that may be a bit more interesting (and also might pay a little bit more).

Server or Host

Many restaurants do have certain laws about teenagers serving alcohol, and in many states you must be 18 to be a waiter or waitress at these establishments. However, many eateries, such as diners, don't serve alcohol, and these spots can be great first jobs for teens. Even at an ice cream parlor or burger joint, tips can be great, and this is an excellent way to earn some summer cash.

Law Firm Runner

For teens that are mobile, being a law courier is a great idea for a first summer job, especially if the teen is considering a law or political science major in college. This is a great way to learn how the legal world works while also making a decent wage per hour. Keep in mind though, a lot of this job may be coffeehouse runs.

Golf Caddy

Summer is definitely golf season, and teens have the possibility to make a decent amount of cash being a golf caddy. Pay varies per club, and a driver's license is usually required, but many of the golfers do tip, making this a great choice for teens who like the outdoors and want to make a decent wage.

Camp Counselor

Younger kids go off to camp each summer, and every camp is in dire need of counselors. This is also a great opportunity for teens who may also be certified as a lifeguard. This is a fun job that is a great idea for teens that may have a caregiver career in their future. Depending on the location of the camp, this is also a great opportunity for teens to be away from home for a few weeks during the summer.


Pools, state parks, and beaches are incredibly busy during the summer, and lifeguards are in high demand. This will require a certification and some classes, but it's a terrific way to have some fun in the sun while working during the summer.


As restaurants and event centers fill up for the summer months, valet and parking attendant jobs are widely available. Of course, a driver's license is needed for this position, but it offers an opportunity to make a solid wage per hour with tips from customers being the norm.

Cashier/Retail Work

A great first, part-time job is at a store or retail outlet. While it does keep you indoors for the summer, hours are usually flexible, with stores closing in time for you to have fun with friends afterward. Plus, most places offer discounts on their merchandise for employees.

Jobs for teens over the summer months are widely available. Teens may also find some avenues to extra money by working from home. Market research studies are a great way to make extra cash while sitting at the computer or using a smartphone. Younger teens may have trouble finding something that appeals and fits their skill set, but remember that landscaping, babysitting, and lemonade stands are still an option, and have always been a great way to make some extra summer money.

What summer job is your teen considering?

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  1. Out of my seven kids only two of them are old enough to work. They both work at restaurants but different ones. One is a local family hangout with home made food and the other is a popular franchise. The stories they come home with are amazing! I never knew how many people try to steal and get free food. What is so sad is that one of my kids gets paid by tips and most people do not tip.

    1. How awful Dani! I always make sure to leave tips, even if the service wasn't that great.

  2. Chick Fil A is one of the best fast food restaurants to work for. Great moral values and customer service is always the best.

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