Family Vacation Ideas for the Winter

Family Vacation Ideas for the Winter  via
Us at Sea World for Our Winter Vacation

Winter is here (well it doesn't feel like winter here in Atlanta), which means it's time for winter break. Winter break is a time to spend with your family and it is great for taking a vacation. Today, I am sharing with you some family vacation ideas for the winter that can help you prepare to do something fun with your family.

Disney World

If you haven’t been to Disney World, winter break would be the perfect opportunity to go. While Disney World is a great vacation idea any time of year, it feels more magical during the winter months. The best part is with proper planning it does not have to stretch your budget. Make sure you read my article for tips on how to save money on your Disney vacation


If you have been yearning to go to the Bahamas, do so this winter by taking a vacation to Atlantis. You can enjoy the summer like weather while your kids will enjoy the play areas, marine habitats, and video arcades. It’s also not far from the US, so you will have plenty of time to make it there and enjoy everything that they have to offer.


Aspen is a great place to go if you love to go skiing and snowboarding. Many of the resorts in the area have beginner’s workshops and classes that you can take with your kids before you hit the slopes too. This can be a unique learning experience that is a ton of fun for the entire family.


Honolulu has so much for families to do and the fact that it is an exotic destination makes it even more fun to visit. While there, make sure you visit the Honolulu Zoo and the Adventure Water Park. There are plenty of family friendly resorts to choose from and your kids will love being able to show their friends pictures of them hanging out on the beach after winter break is over.

Washington DC

If you have wanted to take a vacation to Washington DC but hate crowds, winter is the best time of year to go. During the winter months, tourists are trying to find warmer travel destinations, which means you will be able to get a lot more done since there are no crowds. Numerous kid friendly and seasonal events take place during the winter months, so while here your family will not be disappointed. 

Grand Canyon

It is good to visit the Grand Canyon during the winter months to avoid crowds too. When traveling here during the winter months you can see more without crowds and you can get better deals since tourists prefer to come in the summer. Many of the people who have visited here have referred to Grand Canyon as more than “grand”. Not having many people around you will allow you to experience it to the fullest and there are tons of family friendly things to engage in during your stay. 

Where will your family be taking a vacation to this winter?

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  1. I have a similar post scheduled for next week but from your list I would love to visit Honolulu, however, not sure if I could stand the long flight.

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