Check Out What is On My Girls Christmas Wishlist

Check Out What is On My Girls Christmas Wishlist  via

Hey Yall!  I wanted to share with you what is on my daughters Christmas Wishlist.

Some of you know that my girls had a night out at ToysRUs before the holidays approached, and they provided them with handheld scanners so they can choose what toys they wanted.  ToysRUs downloaded the information in their system and gave the girls a print out of their wishlist.

Also, what's convenient for me is that I can view their wishlist on ToysRUs website.  So no questioning what the girls want for Christmas and them giving me the side-eye wondering why I want to know if Santa is supposed to deliver their gifts.

I know, I's time to give them the talk about Santa not being real, along with the other make-believe characters.  They do know the real meaning of Christmas. However, I still play along with Santa Claus and Elf on the Shelf make belief.  They're questioning me if all of this is even real, so I'll be telling them the truth very soon.  I hope they don't take it hard.

My daughters are still ToysRUs kids, meaning, they still play with toys.  Looks like I have a few more years left of make-believe play, well at least with Lauren since she is almost a teenager, so the majority of their gifts are toys this year.

Even though it's not on their Christmas Wishlist, they'll also get the necessities that they need like new socks, pajamas, and replenish some of their school supplies.

Thank goodness for the girls being brand ambassadors with FabKids because I won't have to buy that many clothes and don't need to purchase any shoes for them, well I will get them some boots though.   Thanks FabKids!

Check out their ToysRUs Christmas Wishlist below:


LEGO Elves Skyra's Mysterious Sky Castle

Mega Bloks Monster High Graveyard Garden Party


LEGO Friends Jungle Falls Rescue

Lite Brix Moonlight Monsters - Vampirez Vanity

Shopkins Season 3 Fashion Boutique Playset

Littlest Pet Shop Pet Limo

Shopkins Theme Playsets - Season 3 - Make-Up Spot

Shopkins Theme Playsets - Season 3 - Shoe Dazzle

Shopkins Fashion Spree Collection - Ballet

Shopkins Season 3 Food Fair - Cupcake Collection 8 Pack

Pokemon Mega Diancie-EX Premium Collection Box


Mi World Deluxe Environment Set - Paws & Claws Pet Store

Ever After High Way Too Wonderland Kitty Chesire Doll

Pokemon Mega Absol-EX Premium Collection Box

Little Live Pets Clever Keet

FurReal Friends Bouncy My Happy To See Me Puppy

LEGO Friends Jungle Rescue Base

Littlest Pet Shop Jet

Pokemon Gallade-EX Box

Shopkins Supermarket Playset

You & Me Happy Together Deluxe Living Room Set

Goodness!  What are they trying to do?  Make me broke?  Oh, I forgot, Santa is supposed to be giving these gifts to them. Humph!  They know not to expect to be getting all of these toys, especially since they can't keep their room clean.  I stay stepping on their toys that's killing my poor feet.  And another thing, they'll only play with these toys a few times, then it'll end up on the floor no longer played with.

I keep saying that I'm going to give away a lot of their no longer used toys, but recently my schedule has not allowed me to start organizing their room.  But I'll have a lot of time on my hands starting next year with me becoming an at home mom.

Have you finished with your Christmas shopping yet?  Also, when is a good time to tell your kids that these made up characters are not real?

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    1. Thanks Sis! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you too! :-D

  2. Happy Meal toys? I wonder why your teen likes them?

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