How to Find Freebies Online

How to Find Freebies Online via

The internet is a huge resource for finding great freebies, no matter what you are looking for. The amount of free stuff available from various freebie websites is truly overwhelming. Freebie sites often loudly proclaim their best free offers, but you have to be careful of sites that promise free things and then ask for all sorts of information or that you download toolbars or other “tools” for finding freebies. Sites of this type are often loaded with spyware and malware. Staying away from the disreputable sites can be easy if you stick to the better-known freebie sites.

Finding Freebies

The first step you need to take if you want to find freebies online is to do a simple search through a search engine such as Google. If you have a specific freebie category, you would like to look for, just specify it in the search engine. For instance, if you need free stuff for your new baby, just type in “free baby stuff” and hit the search arrow.

Once you have found sites offering freebies, read through the offers carefully to ensure that they really are no-cost offers. Some offers are advertised as being freebies, but really require you spend money on shipping and handling or other fees.

Choosing Freebie Offers

When you are looking for freebies, it is important that you choose only the ones you are actually interested in. There are so many freebies available online; there is really no reason to take offers for things you will not use. Some of the most helpful freebies include screen savers for your computer, spyware-blocking programs and free email.

Using Coupon Sites for Freebies

Coupon sites often provide more than just coupons for their users. Many coupon sites can provide special access for rebate offers that result in free products, as well as high-value coupons. Visit several competing coupon sites to take advantage of all the available offers for various products.

Earning Points for Freebies

Some sites offer points for completing offers and surveys. These points can be redeemed for freebies on commonly purchased items with a high value. Some sites offer points that are redeemable at local stores and can even tie in with store loyalty cards.

Free Samples

Some sites offer free samples of their products so that potential customers can try before they buy. This type of deal is usually offered for personal care items such as razors, shaving gel and shampoo or conditioner.

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What are your best online freebie searching tips?

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    1. Yep Robin, you'd be amazed at all the free things you'll find.

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