2023 Honda Pilot Elite AWD with Incredible Luxury Features

2023 Honda Pilot Elite with Incredible Luxury Features

The All-New 2023 Honda Pilot Elite AWD is a powerful, spacious mid-size SUV with incredible features you thought you would only see in luxury vehicles like the Acura.

This top-of-the-line trim model is no ordinary family SUV; it has everything you need, space with a new masculine presence making you proud to be a Honda Pilot owner.

2023 Honda Pilot Elite Exterior

The 2023 Honda Pilot has six trim levels: LX, Sport, EX-L, TrailSport, Touring, and Elite. All trim levels are powered by a 3.5-liter V6 engine that produces 285 horsepower and 262 lb-ft of torque. The engine is paired with a 10-speed automatic transmission.

2023 Honda Pilot Elite Front Grille

Driving around the Honda Pilot Elite for a week showed me why Honda Pilot has a loyal following and why so many generations are still on the roads today. Honda vehicles are built to last and are a lot of fun to drive!

Believe it or not, this was my first opportunity to drive a Honda vehicle. Previously, I only had a few close encounters with Hondas, like learning about car camping in a Honda Passport, how the stylish 7-seven seater Honda Odyssey has a dry vacuum cleaner, and the 4-door Honda Accord with its sleek design.

2023 Honda Pilot Elite with Incredible Luxury Features

When I first laid eyes on the Honda, I was impressed by the exterior, which gave this 8-passenger SUV a grand appearance. And the looks don't stop there; the interior is luxurious with sizeable brown leather-trimmed seating with incredible features that will blow you away!

2023 Honda Pilot Elite Front Seats

2023 Honda Pilot Elite 2nd Row Seating

2023 Honda Pilot Elite 3rd Row Seating

For example, the Honda Pilot has heating and cooling seating in the front and 2nd row, a heated leather steering wheel, a 360-degree view camera, seven drive modes, a 9.0-inch infotainment touchscreen, and more!

2023 Honda Pilot Elite Heated Steering Wheel

I couldn't wait to take this baby for a spin! My family and I did so much in it around town, like having a girls' day out, driving Michelle and her friends around, having dinner with my family at a local restaurant that just opened, running errands, and of course, taking my daughters to and from school.

2023 Honda Pilot Elite with Incredible Luxury Features

Speaking of school, the Honda Pilot Elite was the talk among the girls' classmates! Everyone was coming to Michelle, congratulating her on the new car, saying that the Honda Pilot's new look was marvelous, and they wanted one for themselves!

You see, Honda vehicles are prevalent at their school. You see the parents driving either a Honda Odyssey or Honda Pilot, and some of the students drive Honda CR-Vs or Civics. Me driving the Honda Pilot gave everyone an up-close look at the new redesign.

As I mentioned, the 2023 Honda Pilot Elite is fully-loaded with top-notch features, and I wanted to share the ones that were my favorite:

Heated and Cooling Seating: Georgia can have either frigid days, or sweltering heat, so having both heated and cooling seats are needed. But, what shocked me was that the 2nd-row seats also have heated seating. This is my first time seeing that! Using the heating feature, guests in the 2nd row can get cozy and warm for a more relaxing experience.

Seven Drive Modes:  Honda Pilot Elite has seven dynamic drive modes that fit all driving preferences, like Normal, Economy, Sport, Snow, Tow, Trail, and Sand. During my 7-day drive, I used Normal, Economy, and Sport mode. Sport mode is my favorite since it gives the vehicle more powerful horsepower, like being on a thrill ride. The Economy mode drives heavy-duty but helps save gas, and the Normal mode provides more power than the Economy.

2023 Honda Pilot Elite Infotainment Apps

CabinTalk:  CabinTalk is an in-car PA system that allows the driver or front passenger to communicate with passengers in the rear seats. To use CabinTalk, press the CabinTalk button on the dashboard. This will activate the microphone, and you can speak to the passengers in the rear seats. In addition, your voice will be amplified through the speakers in the rear seats, so they can easily hear you. CabinTalk is a great way to communicate with passengers in the rear seats without turning around and shouting.

2023 Honda Pilot Elite Dashboard

BOSE Premium Audio System:  BOSE Premium Audio System comes with 12 speakers giving the audio a crisp audio sound as if you're at a symphony. The booming base is hard-hitting, making you feel every beat of the music.

2023 Honda Pilot Elite Panoramic Moon Roof

Panoramic Moon Roof:  The Panoramic moon roof brings in more sunlight for everyone to enjoy, not just the people in the front seat. It makes you feel like you are driving a car with a removable top.

Parking Sensors:  With Honda Pilot being a bigger SUV than I usually drive, parking sensors came in handy. When I begin to park, the front and rear camera assists me with parking. In addition, the sensors alert me if I'm getting too close to an object.

Driver's Power Seat Memory:  The Honda Pilot has a 10-way power seat memory. The 10-way power seat memory in the Honda Pilot is a convenient feature that saves your preferred seat settings for up to two drivers. This means you can set your seat to the perfect position for driving and automatically adjust to that position when you get in the car again. This can be a lifesaver if you have a long commute or often drive with others.

Here are some of the Pros and Cons of the 2023 Honda Pilot Elite:


  • Spacious interior
  • Comfortable ride
  • Reliable performance
  • Good fuel economy
  • A long list of standard features


  • High starting price
  • Doesn't have the Hybrid Option
  • The third-row seating is cramped for adults

Overall, the Honda Pilot is an excellent choice for families or anyone who needs a spacious and reliable SUV. It has a comfortable ride, good fuel economy, and a long list of standard features. The Pilot is also available with all-wheel drive, which makes it a good choice for families who live in snowy climates.

2023 Honda Pilot Elite Back Logo

The Honda Pilot has received positive reviews from critics and consumers alike. It has been praised for its spacious interior, comfortable ride, and reliable performance. The Pilot is a good choice for families or anyone who needs a spacious and reliable SUV.

2023 Honda Pilot Elite Trunk

The starting MSRP for the 2023 Honda Elite AWD is $52,030.  

2023 Honda Pilot Elite with Incredible Luxury Features

And if you don't need all the extra features, the LX is an excellent value with a starting MSRP of $35,950.

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