Video: World of Anime, Gaming, and More! MomoCon is Back!

World of Anime, Gaming, and More is Back!  MomoCon

The all-ages Geek Culture Convention, MomoCon, is back, with 4-Days of anime, gaming, animation, and comics over the Memorial Day weekend, here in Atlanta! I am happy to see their return after being shut down due to the pandemic.  This year, MomoCon welcomed 42,595 unique attendees, up from 39,000 in 2019.

Although the convention did come to a halt for two years, MomoCon managed to have an online-only convention in 2020 and, in 2021, have a small gathering in-person Winter event.  

World of Anime, Gaming, and More is Back!  MomoCon

As you notice, MomoCon has become a tradition for my girls and me starting back in 2018. And now, we're celebrating going to MomoCon for the third time! So, we started our summer break right by celebrating the end of the school year at the hottest convention in town!

World of Anime, Gaming, and More is Back!  MomoCon

MomoCon has grown so much since attending this significant event the past couple of times. MomoCon has moved to a larger location at the Georgia World Congress Center from A-Hall to B-Hall to accommodate this massive event. Four stories of action-pack activities for everyone to enjoy.  

It was wise for MomoCon to move to a bigger space because it felt more spacious, and I wasn't bumping into people.  

What bothered Lauren was that there was too much space, too spread out when finding different panel rooms. But, honestly, I didn't mind it because it helped get my steps in for the day.

But what did bother me was so many cancellations and panels being full, so people were turned away. I was looking forward to doing arts and crafts like doing the Shrinky Dinks and creating my own pin. But, the Shrinky Dinks workshop was packed, and the Create Your Own Pin workshop machine wasn't working, so that one was canceled.

We only did 2-Days at MomoCon due to all three of us starting to feel under the weather after Day 2, but we managed to do quite a bit on Thursday and Friday.  

World of Anime, Gaming, and More is Back!  MomoCon

World of Anime, Gaming, and More is Back!  MomoCon

World of Anime, Gaming, and More is Back!  MomoCon

World of Anime, Gaming, and More is Back!  MomoCon

Mostly, we stayed in the Exhibitors Hall to do Lauren's favorite thing, shopping! And boy, were there rows, upon rows, of different merchants selling many goods.

World of Anime, Gaming, and More is Back!  MomoCon

And when we couldn't get into the panels we wanted, the girls and I played some video games in the Gaming Hall.

World of Anime, Gaming, and More is Back!  MomoCon

Here are some tips to make MomoCon a good experience for you:

1. If you did not purchase your tickets in advance and had them shipped to you, don't bother buying tickets and then picking them up at Will Call at the convention; you'll be in a very long line! Buy your tickets in person because there will barely be a line. I have seen so many upset con-goers waiting in long lines watching people walk up, buy their tickets, and immediately get into the convention. I always buy my tickets in person for that reason.

2. Buy parking passes in advance. Thursday, I had no problem paying for parking; however, on Friday, all parking decks for Georgia World Congress Center were closed to passholders only. I'm pretty sure the parking decks were for passholders on Saturday, too. However, on Friday, I found parking right in front of the Georgia World Congress Center and State Farm Arena for $30. I lucked out on this, or I would've had no choice but to park far from the convention.

3. With so much going on at the convention, it's easy to miss out on activities you want to attend, so I highly suggest downloading the Momocon app. The Momocon app has everything from schedules, a map of the convention, exhibitors, news, buy tickets, and FAQ; plus, you can create your own schedule list of things you would like to do and set a reminder when these events are about to start.  

4. This year, MomoCon offered lockers to put your belongings in. So, after you're done shopping at the Exhibitors Hall, you can pay a fee to have your loot stored safely in a locker to help free up your hands.

5. Wear a good pair of walking shoes. As I mentioned, Momocon moved to a larger location, so wearing a good pair of comfortable walking shoes will help make your feet not hurt by the end of the day.

6. I highly suggest getting to a panel 45 minutes before it starts, with panels filling up faster than in previous years. Gone are the days of dropping into panels whenever and finding seating.  

World of Anime, Gaming, and More is Back!  MomoCon

World of Anime, Gaming, and More is Back!  MomoCon

The best part of MomoCon is checking out everyone's fantastic cosplay! You can tell people put a lot of thought and effort into their looks. Lauren mentioned that someday she would like to cosplay, but she is not crafty enough to create her own costume.  

There are places to buy high-quality cosplay costumes, like Rolecosplay. Learn more about Rolescosplay, and get popular cosplay costume ideas.

Even though we had a 4-Day pass and only did two days (I highly recommend a 4-Day pass because it's way too much to cram in activities in one or two days), we still had a good time and looking forward to next year.

Hopefully, there won't be a mask requirement next year, making masks optional. I've seen many people not wearing masks, including vendors not following the rules. Also, MomoCon should make attendees sign a COVID waiver, so they are not responsible if people get sick.

World of Anime, Gaming, and More is Back!  MomoCon

MomoCon Membership Rates for 2023

4-Day Membership Rates:

$65 until June 15th

$75 until Jan 1st, 2023 3:00AM

$85 Jan 1st – May 9th 3:00AM

$95 May 9th – at the door (Cashless) 

Kids ages 9 and under are free.

MomoCon is located at Georgia World Congress Center

85 Andrew Young International Blvd NW 

Atlanta, GA 30303

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