10 Secret Ways to Get Free Makeup Samples

10 Secret Ways to Get Free Makeup Samples

OOPS! Ran out of money because you squandered all your finances on cosmetics again? Worry not; this is a first-world problem today!

Consumers globally spend around $483 billion on cosmetics, according to 2021 research. The figure isn't startling considering 42% of the population worldwide uses cosmetics. 

So many of us often ponder- If only makeup were free! If only I could try products before actually buying them, so they don't lie around in the vanity for eons! If only I could save on my finances and get quality makeup and so on. 

Worry not; free makeup isn't a dream anymore! Below are mentioned some fantastic ways to avail free makeup samples! 

Do not believe your eyes? Then, read on to understand the tricks of getting makeup for free!

1. Serve As A Reviewer

Companies highly regard your reviews. Some companies, such as Vogue Insiders, Influenster, InStyle, etc., dispatch free products to you. Sometimes these are samples and sometimes even full versions. These are willingly sent to be assessed and tried out by you. In reciprocity, they demand feedback. 

Everything you need to do is provide an honest review of the product delivered, its flaws, and its strengths. Then, the company will take criticism constructively and bring out necessary improvements.

2. Participate In Online Surveys 

Taking part in an online survey almost coincides with serving as a reviewer. Specific sites like Survey Junkies, MyPoints, Swagbucks Survey, etc., render you gift cards or complimentary products, sometimes even PayPal cash. Surveys are easy to undertake as they come in multiple-choice questions. After answering the survey, you are liable to free products and not just free samples! A few major gift cards include - Sephora, MAC, Drugstores, etc. In addition, you can make use of Amazon gift cards to buy cosmetics off Amazon. 

Social Media Icons

3. Social Media 

Social media can get you everything you want if you look in the correct place. Cosmetic brands retailers often feature a giveaway. You need to follow particular hashtags and keep an eye on the influencers and brands. 

4. Join Social Profiles

You can follow and join freebie groups on social media sites like Facebook. These groups frequently post updates about discounts and free stuff. Follow cosmetic brands that you desire. Brands prioritize their followers. You can even text the brand requesting a free sample. 

5. Create An Account On Sampler 

Sampler is the leading digital product sampling platform where you can find free product samples from top makeup brands.  Sampler requires you to create an account where you enter your information so they can tailor products perfect for you. You should keep a check on your account monthly for new samples and claim them as soon as they arrive. 

After receiving and using them, provide reviews! Sampler also has a social media hashtag, which keeps you updated, and it also offers gift cards worth $25 every month! 

6. Influencers 

Influencers are not loved solely for their content. They offer free giveaways, which makes them more likable! Following beauty influencers is an excellent idea if you desire free makeup. Keep an eye on any giveaway they are offering. Sometimes, you can easily get free and quality makeup by using an influencer's code.

7. Freebie Websites 

The internet perceives you better than anyone else does. It is overloaded with sites offering free stuff. You can perform a Google search on particular makeup or browse through websites offering free things. You can then sign up for the products you want. The websites generally are user-friendly and allow you to find relevant products.

8. Beauty Products Testing Panel

As mentioned earlier, companies value your reviews. Similarly, products have testing panels that desire your opinion and appraisal. In addition, they provide free samples in exchange for your word of appreciation or criticism.

9. Reward Programs 

Even brands know how much your birthday means to you. So they offer free gifts on your birthday, sometimes even if you are not a buyer. All you have to do is join their reward program. 

10. Shop At Department Stores

Department stores like Macy's and Nordstrom provide free samples to those who inquire. Sometimes they even include samples with a purchase voluntarily. 

Whether you're running low on budget or seeking to save money on your beauty regime, free make-up is always a yes! 

"Makeup is meant to enhance the beauty and not cover it" There's high controversy about how people who apply cosmetics are insecure about their own selves or are not comfortable in their own skin. However, this does not hold true for everyone. Makeup isn't to conceal flaws; instead, it intensifies the existing beauty! And makeup that comes free? That's a definite treat! 

So keep an open eye, look around, be aware of recent happenings at brands, follow those influencers, your next sample could be right there and guess what? It might even be free!  

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