5 Ways To Create A Home That You Love

Close your eyes and imagine your favorite place in the whole world. This is the place that you’d go to feel refreshed or fully alive.

The place that is an escape to you. The place that you wish that you could live (or maybe this is your home?!).

Imagine yourself there right now. What does it look like? Smell like? Feel like? Perhaps you would go to a local coffee shop, a charming inn, or a place with a lot of land. Maybe your mind travels to the places that you used to love - such as summer camp, a favorite travel destination, or your grandma's old home.

While most feel as if the highlight of their year is a vacation, we spend most of our time at home. It should be the place that enhances our life, brings us joy, and calms us down when we are scared, stressed, or upset.

It should be a comforting safe haven, but you have to work on creating a home that you love for it to become that way. With some attention to detail and a few extra touches here and there, we can create the home that we long for each day - and it does not always have to be expensive to do so!

The real secret to creating a beautiful space that you love is NOT about everything you can stuff in your home. You need to be thoughtful about the items that you put in your home instead.

Instead of finding all of the things at every store you visit, be intentional with what you buy, knowing that your home is what you make of it. With that being said, here are a few ways that you can create a home that you love:

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Consider That Dream Spot

Think about that spot that you imagined when I told you to close your eyes. How can you make your home more like that place? Is it through the essential oils that you diffuse, or maybe it is the photos that you hang in your living room? Whatever it is, figure out how to add a touch of that favorite place into your home.

Fine Tune Your Routines

As you do laundry, cook, or empty the dishwasher, think about improving your home and state of mind. Tidy, putter, relax. Remind yourself of the simple routines, habits, and rhythms that give you peace.

Declutter What Doesn’t Bring You Joy

Does it bring you joy? Keep it! Do you not care about it that much? Toss it! You can spend a lot of time justifying how something might be useful to you and therefore decide to keep it. Whether something brings you joy is an emotional question and one that can be answered almost instantly: If you feel joy or don’t feel joy, there's no need to make it more complicated than that.

5 Ways To Create A Home That You Love

Be Intentional With Items

Be intentional with the items that you purchase for your home! Now that you have gotten rid of things that do not bring you joy focus on bringing more items that spark that joy within your soul.

Clean More Frequently

Now that you have only what brings you joy in your home keep your home and those items tidy and clean. I’ve noticed that when my house gets out of hand with clutter, trash, and dirt, I’m not as much of a fan of it compared to when everything is neat, in place, and clean.

There are many ways to create a home that you love, but these are just a few. I hope this helps you figure out what is important to you going forward in your home!

How do you create a home that you love?

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