Are Cooling Weighted Blankets Worth It? Check Out the Benefits

Are Cooling Weighted Blankets Worth It?  Check Out the Benefits

Have you heard of an all-season weighted blanket?  Let say you have, but wondering if they are worth the cost?

Let me tell all of you; having a weighted blanket is life-changing, especially the ones you can use all year long!  Yes, having a cooling weighted blanket is a must-have in your household.

At first, I thought a weighted blanket was just that, a heavy blanket.  However, weighted blankets have many great benefits. After using one, you'll feel like a completely different person giving you that feel-good feeling, and rejuvenation, naturally.

Moonbow by DubsLabs Cooling Weighted Blanket

The Benefits of Weighted Blankets

1. Better Sleep- When it comes to being wrapped inside a weighted blanket, it gives you that forever, calming hug to put you to sleep faster.  When Mr. M and I are in bed, for me to fall asleep, he must wrap himself around me, but instead of him in uncomfortable positions so that I can sleep soundly, I use the weighted blanket as an alternative sometimes, giving his arms a break.

2. Helps Anxiety- Anxiety can really have you overwhelmed and feeling uneasy, and with a weighted blanket, it gives that firm yet gentle hug that put your mind at ease.  All that is going on around us has caused a lot of people, including myself, anxiety. And having a gentle, long, deep hug from a weighted blanket is a helpful way to reduce it.

3. Relieves Stress- Having a stressful day can really bring a person's mood down, but with a weighted blanket, it gives that deep pressure that helps stimulate the mind, taking you into a tranquilizing atmosphere.

4. Improves Sleep Quality- Some people toss and turn while they sleep, and some may have insomnia creating poor sleep quality.  Having a weighted blanket gives a restful night sleep, waking up well-rested.

5. Boost Mood- If you're feeling down and depressed, a weighted blanket can give you that snuggly squeeze that boosts the energy you need without using any drug stimulants.

I have been using a cooling weighted blanket lately because my emotions have been all over the place.  I haven't been feeling like myself lately and needed to start taking better care of myself.

When people think of weighted blankets, they assume that they can only be used during the fall and winter months.  That's true; however, a cooling weighted blanket can be used during all seasons.

Moonbow by DubsLabs Cooling Weighted Blanket

Moonbow by DubsLabs Cooling Weighted Blanket

Moonbow Cooling Weighted Blanket is 72" x 48", soft, and double-sided. One side 100% polyester and the other side 100% bamboo fabric. Bamboo is an eco-friendly renewable resource with a remarkable thermo-regulating ability to stay cool in the summer and warm in the winter.

Gridded double stitching keeps the blanket's glass micro-beads evenly distributed across your entire body, creating a "deep touch pressure stimulation" to increase serotonin (a lovely feeling of happiness and well-being).

Including melatonin (the natural, sleep-inducing hormone we all have inside us)

And decrease cortisol (an evil stress hormone literally no one likes).

The Moonbow Cooling Weighted Blanket is a drug-free, insanely comfy, intense relaxation designed for sleep time or anytime you want to wrap yourself in it.

Moonbow's weighted blankets are designed to be approximately 10% of your body weight.  Their 15lb weighted blanket works best for people up to 180lbs, and their 20lb one is perfect for individuals that are 165 pounds and up.

Moonbow by DubsLabs Cooling Weighted Blanket

How to Care for a Cooling Weighted Blanket

With a blanket so heavy, it requires special care.

  • Spot Clean or Hand Wash with Cold Water
  • Hang to Dry
  • Do Not Tumble Dry
  • Do Not Soak or Bleach
  • Do Not Iron
  • Do Not Dry Clean

If you're looking to relieve anxiety and stress, look no further and get yourself a cooling weighted blanket from Moonbow.  I'm telling you, it's a game-changer!

And act fast, right now you can get $60 off, sale ends 7/13.

Disclosure- I am a partner of Moonbow, all thoughts and opinions are my own.

Have you ever tried a cooling weighted blanket before?

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  1. No, I have read about weighted blankets but never thought about purchasing one. Thanks for the review.

    1. Check them out Antionette, I think you would enjoy them, especially during the winter months.

  2. Sounds very interesting. Never heard of it. I was thinking it self cools, but looks like it doesn't. Be great if that were the case to cool off hot

    1. I wish this blanket had that as well. Although I don't have hot flashes...yet, this cooling weighted blanket does prevent me from overheating wrapped in it.

  3. I looked into weighted blankets but I like that this one has a cooling feature. That's perfect for the summer months.

    1. You should check into this weighted blanket Stacie, you would enjoy it!

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