I'm Glad the School Year is Over and Here's Why!

I'm Glad the School Year is Over and Here's Why!  via  www.productreviewmom.com

Hey Yall!  It's been a busy few weeks getting ready for the end of the school year festivities, for example, finals, graduation, Michelle's End of the Year activities, including her birthday.  I'm tellin' ya; I'm glad this school year is over.  I can enjoy the lazy days of summer.

The 2017-2018 school year had me all kinds of frustrated, angry, ready to go off due to mainly all the bad things I was witnessing at Michelle's school. 😡

Let me break it down about what went on with Michelle's school year.

I'm Glad the School Year is Over and Here's Why!  via  www.productreviewmom.com

First of all, I started noticing a significant change in the staff at her school starting a couple of years ago.  It's like it started going downhill for some reason.  The higher-ups in the school this year, principal and vice-principal quit their job with pretty much no explanation.  Once the two ladies moved on, I noticed the staff and teachers attitudes were becoming very nasty and rude.

Michelle's teacher, I hate that woman's guts!  She is by far one of the worst teachers I've ever dealt with.  Weekly, Michelle would come home crying due to issues with her.  Here are some of the problems.

1. The beginning of the school year I gave Michelle a purse.  The reason for the handbag is because I want her to get used to wearing one, so she can start placing feminine napkins in it.  Michelle is getting older, and her doctor told me to get her prepared for her monthly cycle to arrive.  Michelle went to school with her new purse, and her teacher harassed her about why she's wearing a handbag, and her bag needed to be searched.  WTF?  Why the heck does her purse need to be examined?  Is this heffa a security guard now?  First of all, it's none of her business why Michelle is wearing a purse or what's in it.  And from what Michelle said she also started searching other children's bookbags too.  She grabs one of Michelle's classmates bag, found a laptop in it and threw it on the ground breaking it.  The child told her parents what the teacher did, and the teacher lied and said the child did it. 

2. This teacher barely allows the kids to go to the bathroom. There was a time Michelle almost peed on herself.  I permitted Michelle to leave class if she needs to go, and if that heffa got a problem, she could call me.  And remember that camping trip Michelle and I went on the beginning of the school year?  The heffa didn't let a child go to the bathroom, and he ended up peeing on himself.  Do you know how embarrassing that is to a child?  And, another child snuck away to use the bathroom during the camping trip, I have seen her, and when she noticed I saw, she begged me not to tell the teacher on her.  I told the student that she needs to say to her parents about the treatment she gets from this horrible teacher, but the student said her parents never believe her.  And mind you, this child is the same one the heffa took out her laptop from the bookbag and threw it down to the ground.

3. The heffa every time she sees I'm visiting Michelle at school does not acknowledge my presence, as if I'm not even there.  Not a, "Hi, how are you?" Nothing!  This woman is pure trash!

4. The heffa continually tells her students that they're stupid, they're going to fail, and they're not going to survive middle school.  What a way to kill a child's confidence.

5. My daughter's class hardly have a recess because of Ms. Cruella de Vil keeps taking it away from the class.  From what she told the students, she loves child labor and wants the kids to stay in and work.  Selfish bit**!

There is a lot more.  I've complained to the school, nothing seems to change.  That cruel woman was a thorn in my side the whole year!  And I was discussing that heffa to a parent, who by the way was having problems with this teacher as well, and the parent told me that the staff and teachers are talking about me behind my back saying that I'm stuck up.

I can care less about what people think of me, but when it comes to my kids, I don't play.  They can call me all the names in the book, but what they won't do is disrespect my child! 

And you want to know something y'all!

This teacher is a flat out racist!  She only treats the Black students poorly, not the others.  I'm not the type that screams out racism for every little thing, like how it seems to be happening in today's society.  But I seen with my own eyes the treatment of how she is with Black students during the camping trip, and how she doesn't speak to me at all.  She screams at them, humiliates them, and when the students tell their parents on her she flats out lies when confronted.

Parents, please, if your child is having problems at school don't brush it off, investigate the matter.  This teacher knew that the parents wouldn't do anything about it, so she thought she was untouchable.  A grown woman doing the bullying, shameful!

But glad that chapter has been closed, never to see that teacher, or school again!  They get a big middle finger from me!!!!  🖕

Now, let's talk about Lauren's transition to Middle School.

I'm Glad the School Year is Over and Here's Why!  via  www.productreviewmom.com

In the beginning, I was a nervous wreck with Lauren entering a whole new school, plus with it being middle school, older kids, peer pressure.  It felt like I was throwing a little fish in a big sea.  But, Lauren managed well.  However, as the school year flew by, I noticed a considerable change with Lauren.

Middle School can be tough, with now Lauren dealing with the issues of cliques, bullying, and self-esteem issues.

Before middle school, Lauren was a happy-go-lucky kid.  Always with a smile, friendly.  Now, the pressures of looking a certain way have gotten to her.

I had sit-downs with Lauren often, discussing what she's going through with her school.  She tells me how students make fun of other kids' looks, like weight, hair, clothes, etc.  She's always making sure that she looks a certain way so the kids at her school won't, as she puts it, roast her.

Lauren dropped a considerable amount of weight and watched what she eats because as she says, she doesn't want to appear to be fat and be teased.  This breaks my heart how mean kids can be.  So worried about how other kids look when their priorities should be with their education.  Also, Lauren wore a jacket all year to hide her eczema flair ups so students wouldn't notice and talk about her.

Lauren constantly would complain how students are so disrespectful in her classes by being disruptive and talking back to the teacher.  It has gotten to the point that Lauren rather stay home than go to school.

Also, I noticed a change in Lauren's self-esteem too.  She now says she can't do, she doesn't believe in herself, and tired of trying.  This right here scares me.  I hope this is just a phase, and not leading to depression.  I'm always speaking uplifting words to her, letting her know she is good enough, strong, beautiful, and never to let anyone bring her down.  Mr. M and I stay preaching to her to seek God whenever times get tough; also we're both here for her.  That's why I quit my job, to be fully active in her life and Michelle's.

Although she's feeling down about herself, she did do well in school, and I'm so proud of her!

7th grade, I know she'll do well again.  She's a smart cookie!  And hopefully, Lauren get her confidence back.  Also, I told both Lauren and Michelle that those people who talk about others are usually the ones that got terrible things going on with them behind closed doors, so they take it out on others.  Plus, those so-called popular kids typically don't go far in life either.  They're so focused on being the top dogs, but once they're adults, they have nothing going for themselves, it's the kids that focus on their studies that advance in life.

Please pray for my girls and me won't be going through all this mess next school year!

Are you going through issues with your child's school?  Are you going through the preteen/teen stage?

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  1. Wow! What a mess. I'm so sorry this happened to the girls. It's a good thing you are monitoring. It's bad enough kids say some mean stuff, but teachers? Not good. I pray next year things are much better for the girls. Way to rock Mom!!!!

    1. Thanks for your support Janet. I haven't been vocal about it much online because it hurts me to the core that my kids are going through this. It makes me wish I never moved to Georgia and stayed put in California. Hopefully, things will be better next school year.

  2. Let's talk about these damn teachers. My son had a teacher that was racist the entire year. Her and the black assistant principal are friends but you know how that is... I was blaming my son at first thinking it was him but then I started talking to other parents and found out it was the teacher. She changed a grade on my son and tried to give him a failing grade twice for one assignment I caught it but didn't screen shot it. She told me I lied and had it erased before the meeting with the pricipals. I had a meeting with all three principals of the school and her and told her I would sit in that class on a daily basis if I continued to have problems they didn't want that. She fails the black kids especially the boys but the white kids got away with everything. My son failed with a 67 first semester after our meeting his grade went up like a miracle to a 92

  3. I had to do separate comments lol. My son got lazy in 6th grade himself. Always made principals list and honor roll this year he barely scraped by. I had to be on him more and all he wanted was video games all day didn't want to study or do anything it's like where did this child come from. He said he hated school and it was to much pressure but I think he wasn't ready for the load of middle school. We weren't good first semester but second semester he pulled those grades up and had a better attitude. I hope 7th grade he does better. Your baby will be ok middle school years are the weirdest.

  4. See girl! These teachers down south is something else! And like you, I thought Michelle was the problem, remember I did a post about Michelle's behavior and grades the beginning of the school year? https://www.productreviewmom.com/2017/09/can-i-get-do-over-please.html

    It was really the teacher! Treating these kids, especially the black ones like they're idiots! And people wonder why all these school shootings are happening. Police needs to be investigating these teachers and some of these students who are bullies.

    During Michelle's graduation, I noticed only a couple of Black students made honor roll, and that's because they were in the Black teacher's class. And, these teachers at Michelle's school give the only Black teacher in the school a hard time. From what Michelle told me he is looking to transfer to another school.

    Michelle did well the 2nd semester thanks to the girls' tutoring center. She learned more there than her own classes! Ridiculous!

    And let's talk about Lauren's school!

    Did you see the news about a viral video of a student getting hit in the face in class while sitting in her seat? Well that was at Lauren's school. This school from what I heard is notorious of having bullies! Crazy! But I will say the teachers at the school are great, never a problem. It's those damn, hard-headed kids that are the problem. I just hope Michelle don't get affected by all the cliques and bullying too, or I'll be in for a helluva ride next school year.

    I'm sending prayers your way too girl! Things will get better!

  5. What the what - how can the schools and teachers do this to our children, I am so glad my sons are out of school but this is totally unacceptable! I never knew it was this bad, which is why a lot of people home school their kids. God bless you and the girls!

    1. I just don't understand Sis! It's crazy! These teachers play favorites, and the ones they don't like they treat them badly, and even try to fail them.

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