Can I Get a Do-Over Please?

Can I Get a Do-Over Please?  via
I had to clear my mind, and gather my thoughts after the week I been through

Hey Yall!  This post is a bit of a ramble about what's been going on with me for the past week.  This week has been the pits, and I wanted to voice my frustration and stress with you all to relieve my tension.

So, it's been a few things that got me want just to scream and ask for a do-over.

RIP Brainy

Well y'all, another one of my fishy children ๐ŸŸ have bit the dust. ๐Ÿ’€ My heart is so broken by her untimely death (I know she is a girl since she laid eggs this past spring), although I knew it was coming because my fish Brainy was developing a tumor on her side that has been growing rapidly for the past two years.

I had found a veterinarian that specializes in surgery on exotic animals, and fish happens to be on the list of species they operate on.  I didn't go through with the operation since Brainy has been having a bad case of fungal infection which made me felt like she was too weak to have the procedure.

I was cleaning out the tank a couple of days ago because I saw some sort of parasites crawling throughout the fish tank (gross).  The water change made Brainy even weaker to the point that she started swimming upside down.  She never reverted back to normal and died yesterday.

Now, I'm left with one last fish.  I told the girls if Squirty dies then I'm done with fish.  Having fish put me through so much worry and depression when they start dying off, it's like losing a loved one.

Server Problems Got Me Losing It!

Next up on my crazy week is all the server issues with the company I'm partnered with.

You all know me as a blogger, I'm an affiliate marketer as well, partnering with brands promoting their products and services.  I earn a commission when I make a sell or when someone signs up for a program using an affiliate link I advertise.

With the server being down with one particular affiliate company I'm with, it wasn't showing how much I was making for the day, making it look like I haven't made anything.  Mind you; this company is who I make the most money with.

Anxiety instantly kicked in with me almost having a panic attack.  So many thoughts were going through my mind like, now I have to go back to working a day job.

I have been back and forth with my affiliate manager in regards to the server problem, and he wanted me to relax, although the server was down the money earned for the day will be added once they fix the problem.

I just hate seeing a big fat zero dollars earned and it's close to the end of the day.  It makes me feel like it's the beginning of the end of my business.

But all is fixed now; I'm feeling much better not losing my insanity.


Parent-Teacher Conference Exposing the Truth

Now, this next problem really takes the cake.  This situation has caught me off guard and got me furious. ๐Ÿ˜ก

Well, this week was the parent-teacher conference to see how your child is doing so far in school.

Middle school is a bit different when it comes to having a meeting with the student's teachers.  Conferences are only for students with behavior problems and low grades. 

Lauren is doing a great job in school, so proud of her hard work and dedication, so no conference needed for her.  I can tell it'll be a good school year, even though she keeps complaining about her dislikes for band class.

Now Michelle, here comes the disappointment and anger.

I get to the conference, the first thing the teacher tells me is her bad behavior.  She just got in trouble that same day from disrupting class and picking up a boy in the hallways, lost her grip, and he fell on the hard floor face first.

Then, the teacher proceeded to tell me that her behavior has been a problem since the start of school.

And that's not all folks!

Michelle has not been completing assignments, with her grades falling almost to the point of failing.

I was hot, boiling mad!  I was giving her the side-eye of death while her teacher was spilling all the beans about her.

Michelle broke down in tears in her seat, wishing all the madness would just go away.

I never expected this coming from Michelle, yes, she is chatty and has lots of friends, but I would think she would know not to play around in class.  And her work ethics, she needs a lot of work with that.

Mr. M and I had a deep sit-down conversation with her letting her know the importance of education, as well as priorities.  She is too focused on her friends and not her schoolwork.

Seems like once she got a cell phone at the beginning of the school year, she lost her focus, too worried about calling and texting her friends.  If you noticed, you see recent blog pictures of her with her phone glued to her hand.  It's a distraction.  So, the cell phone went bye-bye!

I do not recommend an elementary school student having a cell phone.  Only reason Michelle has one is that I got one for Lauren since the girls are now in separate schools, and in different after-school programs so I could reach them.

Speaking of after-school programs, I withdrew Michelle from gymnastics.  I said that being in gymnastics is a privilege, unfortunately, with her bad behavior and grades her privileges are now taken from her, that includes the big 5th-grade camping trip coming up.

Michelle threw the biggest fit saying that everyone is against her, and she doesn't feel like getting good grades now since everything is getting taken away from her.

UGH!!!  She better get her act together now! Quick, fast, and in a hurry!  I don't have time for this foolishness with her.  Until she gets her grades back up and stops talking in class, her things will stay taken from her.  Education is what helps people succeed in this world, not goofing around with friends.

And by the way, she is now enrolled in a tutoring center along with Lauren who's been there since the summer break. Hopefully, that'll get Michelle's grades back up and get her head back on straight.

I hope next week things will turn around for the better.  Woosah!  Lord, please give me strength!

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  1. Hang right in there! Stay the course. Parenting is definitely NOT for the faint of heart! She will learn so much by taking her beloveds taken away and having to earn them back. Now as for the fish! I know that life too. We lost our Cassie and you would think I needed casseroles sent over. I had a fit! Here’s to a better week!

    1. Thanks Nona! She is learning her lesson now, and have been staying on course with her schoolwork. I had another talk with her teacher on Friday and she said she is improving.

      Yeah it's hard losing a pet. I had that fish for over 3 years, I hate that she passed. But I'm glad she is no longer suffering from her sickness.

      Thanks girl!

  2. It will be okay...just keep your head up.

  3. Sounds like you had a tough week! Sorry about your fish & I completely understand the blogging thing! I have a 5th grader too, who still doesn't have a phone. I can tell you she has a tablet and drives me absolutely crazy with that thing! Luckily, she hasn't let it affect her grades (more her attitude in some instances~~why do these 10 year olds need to act like 18 year olds?), but every child is different and parenting is hard, hard, hard. We all need to stick together and stay positive. Hoping for a better week for you!

  4. I hope things are turning around for you darling. Have a beautiful weekend.

  5. oh no! My son has the same problem he doesn't disrupt anything but he doesn't get those grades. He is on video games all day so I have had to take that away and the meltdown...OMG I wasn't prepared. He is now on the verge of getting put out of his school again because he can't keep his grades up and says he is under to much pressure boy by wait until you become an adult. You don't know pressure!

    1. This post is from last year, but still, things have not changed with Michelle. I'm going to have to do an updated post to share what's been going on lately. I know you know about that phone call when the teacher called about Michelle's behavior during the auto group meeting. Lawd, it's too much with these kids!!!!!

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