My Current Curly Hair Washing Regimen: FORM Beauty Hair Products

My Current Curly Hair Washing Regimen: FORM Hair Products  via

Hey Yall!  It has been awhile since I shared my hair washing regimen.  With my hair getting exposed to humidity a lot more, I use products that help keep my hair moisturized, tamed, without frizziness.

I started using a new haircare brand called FORM, the first women’s prestige hair care collection to celebrate beauty in all its shapes and was developed to address the hair issues women have been facing for decades.

My Current Curly Hair Washing Regimen: FORM Hair Products  via

My problem has always been dry, brittle, heat damaged, frizzy hair, especially during the summer and rainy season.  FORM helped get to the root of my hair problem, revealing luscious, soft, healthy flowing hair with their musk smelling powerful products.  And not much needs to be used to achieve vibrant hair; a little goes a long way.

My Current Curly Hair Washing Regimen: FORM Hair Products  via

The FORM Collection helped make my hair care simpler, by offering uncompromising products specifically designed for individual hair needs. Whether my hair is coily or flat-ironed, FORM’s personal and versatile products minimize my guesswork.

FORM delivers high performance without sacrificing the health of my hair.  All products are made without sulfates, parabens, and phthalates.

My Current Curly Hair Washing Regimen: FORM Hair Products  via

For FORM to know which of their hair products works best for me, I had to fill The FORM Consultation form which is a step-by-step evaluation that ensures I get the best pairing of FORM products and usage recommendations.

Some of the questions that were asked during my consultation were how many times I wash my hair a week, what kind of shampoos and conditioners I currently use, is my hair natural or chemically treated, and am suffering from hair damage and breakage.

Also, while filling out the Consultation evaluation form, FORM share useful hair tips that I need to know like washing my hair with cold water to help close the hair cuticle to seal moisture, and another tip like wetting my hair with regular water before going swimming to help hair absorb less chlorine.

My Current Curly Hair Washing Regimen: FORM Hair Products via

Once the evaluation is done FORM recommended me products, check what they told me I needed below:

My Current Curly Hair Washing Regimen: FORM Hair Products  via

Clarify Shampoo: Detoxing Shampoo, $22, 4 fl oz / 118 ml

○ Despite regular washing, oils and product residue can buildup on hair, preventing vital moisture from reaching your strands. Clarify is a powerful treatment shampoo that gently removes 100% of buildup in a single wash, freeing your strands to better soak up moisture.

○ Best for: Hair that’s experiencing buildup from everyday residues and impurities and needs a deep wash periodically.

What it does:

■ Gently removes buildup and residue from your hair and scalp without stripping your natural oils

■ Replenishes moisture

■ Preps your hair to soak up moisture when conditioning

Cleanse Shampoo:  Gentle Shampoo, $22, 8 fl oz / 236 ml

○ Clean hair is happy hair. Let yours be joyous with Cleanse. Powered by a blend of fruit extracts and mild surfactants, it gently rejuvenates without stripping natural oils or drying your hair out.

○ Best for: Hair that requires regular washing regardless of frequency in preparation for conditioning.

What it does:

■ Mildly cleans your hair and scalp - helps remove 75% of buildup and natural impurities

■ Helps make hair more manageable

■ Preps your hair for conditioning

■ Maintains 100% of water content in hair, which means hair feels less dry following use

Hydrate Conditioner: Moisturizing Conditioner, $26, 12 fl oz / 355 ml

○ Formulated for unprocessed hair, this silicone-free conditioner dramatically increases your hair’s softness and manageability while helping to reduce breakage.

○ Best for: Hair that’s not chemically processed, color-treated or heat-styled and in need of moisture and slip.

What it does:

■ Helps prevent breakage

■ Delivers improved slip for easier detangling

■ Restores moisture to your hair without weighing hair down - helps increase moisturization by 71% after a single use

■ Uses proprietary HX3TM triple-hydrating blend to intense moisture

Multitask Leave-In Lotion: 3-in-1 Leave-in Lotion, $32, 12 fl oz / 355 ml

○ As the hero product of the FORM Collection, Multitask works as hard as you do. They designed Multitask to work with you in three ways: as a leave-in conditioner, daily moisturizer and style refresher. No matter what your needs are, Multitask keeps your hair hydrated and looking fresh.

○ Best for: Hair of all textures and styling processes.

What it does:

■ Moisturizes and conditions for improved manageability

■ Protects against breakage

■ Preps hair for better styling

■ Helps increase moisturization and reduce breakage by 80% after a single application

Twist Styling Creme: Hydrating Style Cream, $29, 8 fl oz / 236 ml

○ If protective styles are your thing, you could always use some extra help when it comes to hydration and definition. They made Twist to do just that.

With its rich, creamy formula it nourishes and smoothes, providing long-lasting softness and flexible hold.

○ Best for: Hair that’s worn in protective styles such as braids, locs and twists.

What it does:

■ Improves your hair’s manageability

■ Helps reduce breakage by 80% after a single application

■ Provides hold and definition

■ Helps prevent and fight frizz all day long

Polish Pomade: Moisture-Sealing Pomade, $26, 4 fl oz / 118 ml

○ Since weather always impacts hair, you may need some backup in certain climates to maintain your style. Polish uses a blend of oils to lock in moisture, fight frizz and provide a smooth look and soft feel.

○ Best for: Hair that needs a little extra support in humid or extremely dry climates.

What it does:

■ Puts an end to frizz

■ Locks in moisture

■ Helps increase moisturization by 58% after a single use

My Current Curly Hair Washing Regimen: FORM Hair Products  via

It's like my hair now breathes new life, and taking a stand to all the hot mugginess that fills the air which has been destroying my poor curly hairstyle.

My Current Curly Hair Washing Regimen: FORM Hair Products  via

Although FORM recommends you different products to use, you don't have to purchase them all.  You can pick and choose.  However, I noticed a huge difference using all their products, step by step.  It's like their products all work well together as one.  And no flakes, stickiness, or build up; my hair is full of life!  Finally, products that works great with my kind of hair!

Not only can you purchase FORM on their website, but you can also get their haircare line in Sephora.

Take the Consultation Evaluation, and see what FORM recommends for you.

Disclosure:  This post is sponsored by FORM.  As always, all thoughts and opinions are my own.  I only recommend products that will be beneficial to my readers.


What are your hair issues and concerns?

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  1. Nice article and very informative. However, I wish you had done close ups of your hair after using these products. I love the pictures, and that blue looks good on you.

    1. Thanks! I can do a close up of my hair today and add it to the post. Right before I took these pictures it got dark and started storming. Sorry about that!

  2. You are looking good sis so I guess the cost of these products are definitely worth it - great review. #PRP

  3. This sounds like a great collection. I know what you mean about damaged hair in the summer. I am experiencing it now and I am tempted to get another protective style put in. I'm going to bookmark this so I don't forget to go through the evaluation and see what they recommend for me.

  4. I've never heard of Form but I love how great your hair looks. I can't wait until my hair grows a bit more.

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