Beach Towns to Visit This Summer

Beach Towns to Visit This Summer  via

During the summer, you guys know that I love to go to the beach. My family stays visiting different beaches during both the spring and summer breaks. It is a great way for us to unplug as a family and soak in some sun. Today I wanted to share with you some of the best beach towns to visit this summer.

Myrtle Beach


Beach Towns to Visit This Summer  via


Back in 2015, I was able to check off going to Myrtle Beach from my travel list. There is so much to do in this beach town and I would recommend staying at Captain’s Quarters Resort ( don’t let the negative reviews online discourage you) and when going out to dinner, if you are a seafood lover, you have to check out Captain Georges

There are so many things to do in this beach town ranging from visiting the Wax Museum to going to the Aquarium, and of course you could just spend your time walking or laying out on the beach. The best part is if you are already on the lower half of the East Coast, you can save yourself some coins and make it into a road trip instead of paying for a pricey flight.

Tybee Island


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Tybee Island is located off Savannah, Georgia and it is a four-hour drive that I personally don’t mind making to be able to enjoy all the amenities that this island has to offer. When there, we can enjoy long days lounging on the beach, outdoor showers, and welcoming locals. 

This place has such a nice vibe and they are very tourist friendly. While here you can check out the Tybee Museum and even Little Tybee Island, which is only accessible by boat. You will be surprised by how many people haven’t heard of this beach town, so if you’re looking for a place that’s not quite as busy as Myrtle Beach this may just be the gem for you.

Carolina Beach



Carolina Beach is another one of those beaches that many people haven’t heard about unless they are in the local area. While I haven’t personally been here yet (they are on my radar though), this is another beach town that is great for the summer months. I can already picture my girls wanting to experience some of the things that they have to offer such as the Beach Boardwalk since it is loaded with amusement rides and tons of goodies, which no summer would be complete without. 

Santa Monica


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Recently, my family was able to experience some of the wonderfulness that Santa Monica has to offer. This beach town is great for when you are traveling with the kiddos. They have a carnival styled amusement park, arcades, and there are tons of places to find a bite to eat. I found the beach to be beautiful and we all enjoyed strolling on the pier. 

Well there you have it, some amazing beach towns to visit this summer. I have visited most with my family and we all had a great experience. Who knows, we may even have to slide up and check out Carolina Beach this summer. 

Which one of these beach towns do you think your family would enjoy visiting the most?

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