My Fall Looks from Golden Tote

My Fall Looks from Golden Tote  via

Update- Golden Tote is no longer in service.

Hey Yall!  Can you believe it's fall already?  Didn't summer just start like yesterday?  This year has been speeding on by with no slowing down in sight.  Before you know it, we'll be ringing in the new year!

I've been trying to hold on to summer a little bit longer by traveling to the Caribbeans and still wearing lightweight, bright colored clothing.  But you know what?  Fall is not all that bad; I still get a bit of warmth with a much cooler breeze.  Plus, I can still wear some of my summer clothes by layering up with sweaters, leggings, and boots. 

Sorry, I didn't do a summertime look posts, my life has been so hectic with traveling, my girls' extracurricular activities, I'm working on buying a house, to think that working for myself now I would have more time, but guess I was wrong.

Since I'll be moving soon, I also won't have the time to go to the mall to find some clothes to add to my fall wardrobe until closer to November.

However, I recently discovered a clothing and accessories website called Golden Tote, a monthly clothing flash-sale site that's currently delivering fall styles to doorsteps.

This is how Golden Tote works:

 Golden Tote is the ultimate surprise grab bag

  •         Stylish clothing for fantastic deals

  •         Each tote is personally curated and includes a variety of items to complement your wardrobe

  •         $59 for 2 clothing items (1 chosen), $149 for 5 clothing items (2 chosen), and $89 for the surprise tote which is 3 items all of which are a surprise.
  •         Choose 1-2 items to go into your tote, and they surprise you with the rest based on your style profile, which you create on the Golden Tote site.

  •         Founders are clothing designers from LA

  •         They work with fashion brands to get you deep discounts, and they also design clothing items as well.

  •         New sale launches the first Monday of every month

  •         Takes the thinking out of shopping, perfect for women who don’t have time to shop or aren’t sure what to buy.

Now, I'm the type who likes to try on my clothes before I buy due to my curvy shape and big bust area, so I hardly ever buy my clothes online.  However, after filling out the detailed profile giving Golden Tote my measurements I was confident their clothes would fit me just right.  Also, I couldn't resist all the cool outfits they have, fits my style perfectly.  Stylish and comfortable.

So, what is my style?   

My style, as you can tell, is laid back, yet chic.  During the fall months, I like to wear big shapely long sweaters, leggings, darker prints, cardigan sweaters, wrap dresses, boots, and booties.  Some of my outfits are plain because I feel I can do a lot more with my outfits like add-on accessories without making the look too busy.  Also, I like to play with patterns when it comes to my shirts and blouses.

I did the $149 deal with Golden Tote for 5 clothing items (2 chosen by me and 3 by stylist). 

Hmm, I wonder what my stylist will pick for me?  Check out the photos below.

The first two looks chosen by me was the long sweater dress and dotted line cardigan sweater. 

My Fall Looks from Golden Tote  via
My Fall Looks from Golden Tote  via

I have a thing for sweater dresses; I can dress them up with boots, leggings, and fashionable belts.  Different looks can be created with sweater dresses making it seem like I'm wearing different outfits.

My Fall Looks from Golden Tote  via

My Fall Looks from Golden Tote  via

Something about this cardigan sweater caught my eyes; maybe it was the dotted lines since I only wear solid colored cardigans.  I wanted to change things up a bit.  I'll wear this button-up cardigan over my solid colored shirts.

The 3 surprise looks my stylist hand picked for me based on my profile was a pattern wrap dress, a pattern blouse,  and a half sleeve tunic shirt with shoulder cut outs.

My Fall Looks from Golden Tote  via

My Fall Looks from Golden Tote  via

I love me a wrap dress!  They can be worn casually or dressed up for evening wear.  Also, they are super comfortable and give my body a hour glass shape thanks to the wrap around belt.

My Fall Looks from Golden Tote  via

My Fall Looks from Golden Tote  via

The pattern blouse was a bit hard to put on and take off due to my bust area.  But it looks good and goes well with jeans and boots.  I'll wear this blouse when I want my look to be a bit more dressed up than my regular lounge around comfort clothes.

My Fall Looks from Golden Tote  via

My Fall Looks from Golden Tote  via

Hey now!  This year, the cut out shoulders are very popular, so happy to see the trend is in this fall.  It's super cool, giving me an edgy look.  My girls were like, "Mom, I love that shirt on you!"  I agree, and the color compliments my skin tone well.

Golden Tote did an excellent job with my bag of items.  My wardrobe was true to size, on-trend, good quality high-end clothes.  Nothing was dull and boring.  You get a lot for your money.  If I would've gone to a boutique here in Atlanta, I would have paid a lot more.

Do you have a busy schedule like me?  Give Golden Tote a try, trust me, you'll be happy you did.  Unlike those other companies that charge you for a subscription, you can buy when you want.

Get 45% off on orders of $300+
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Free domestic shipping for all orders

Which look do you like the best? 

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  1. Hi Lou, I like the concept of Golden Tote. The dots sweater is really cute. I see a lot of uses for it. The cutout shoulder top is my fav. I might have to give them a try!

  2. Love it Louida!Especially the cold shoulder shirt. I just tried something similar to this. I'll have to check them out as well.

  3. Such cute looking clothes and they look great on you!!

  4. I've never heard of Golden Tote but's an interesting subscription concept. I love the wrap dress on you! #ProductReviewParty

  5. What a fun subscripton! Every piece they sent looks great on you!

  6. This is my first time hearing of them, but I am going to have to check them out. I am in love with that cut out top. I am in on that trend myself. #ProductReviewParty

  7. I really like all those looks on you. Especially that sweater! It looks kind of vintage. Loving it! #ProductReviewParty

  8. I love the dressed and the sweater is cute! #ProductReviewParty

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