5 Inexpensive Fall Weekend Getaways

5 Inexpensive Fall Weekend Getaways  via  www.productreviewmom.com

Taking weekend trips in the fall helps keep the family active. Depending on where you choose to visit in the country, the scenery will have different qualities making each beautiful. The best way to decide on a family weekend getaway is to get feedback from everyone who is going to be going on the trip and then take a vote. The most votes wins. Make sure there is something for everyone to do on the getaway so that no one mentions the “b” word – bored.

Ozark Mountains

If your family just needs to relax, head to the Ozark Mountains for the weekend. It is quiet and has amazing scenery from almost any point in the area. You can make yourself at home by renting a cottage or log cabin. One of the most highly rated restaurants in the Ozarks is The Devil’s Pool Restaurant. Spend an afternoon horseback riding on trails, hiking, or fishing.

Cape Coral, Florida

If your family enjoys spending time on the water, Cape Coral is the right destination for a weekend getaway. In the fall, it is still rather warm in Florida, especially in the Southwestern portion of it. Make sure to take a sun hat along with you, and one for every member of the family, to help protect your faces and necks from severe sunburns. While in Cape Coral, take a drive down to Sanibel Island or Ding Darling Nature Wildlife Refuge. Florida also has great golf courses.

The Poconos

Does your family enjoy an adventure and views for miles? The Poconos has both. The family can enjoy paintball, rock climbing, and golfing. Older members of the family can have fun on a challenging zipline course. In the fall months, the view is beautiful as the landscape transforms colors and views from the Skytop Lodge couldn’t be more perfect.

Cape Cod

When you are planning a weekend trip to Cape Cod, book your stay at the Cape Codder Resort & Spa. There is a Water Park available that the entire family is sure to love taking advantage of. Dad can watch the kids swim while mom gets a spa treatment.

Mackinac Island

One of the unique things about Mackinac Island is that no cars are allowed. A must-visit destination is the historic Mackinac Island State Park that was established in the late 1800s. An ideal way to get around the island is by horse-drawn carriage. Some visitors like to bike or just walk the island too. Watersports and outdoor activities will keep everyone entertained and happy.

Take advantage of early booking discounts and Groupon deals. Also, look for promotions in the city you’ll be staying in and take advantage of them to save money and have the ability to enjoy another activity. Create a packing list, and include a travel first aid kit in case someone has a minor injury while sightseeing. Traveling in the fall, in some parts of the country, is off-peak season so accommodations may be cheaper.

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What is your favorite weekend getaway destination in the fall?

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