How to Score Freebies

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We all like getting things for free. There’s nothing better than paying absolutely nothing for something. When we are looking at freebies, there are so many avenues you can take to get practically anything.

Whether you are looking to save or just looking to feel good about yourself, these tactics will help you with scoring those freebies.

Celebrating Your Birthday

It’s common to find restaurants offering you a free meal on your birthday just by showing off your ID. There are so many chains providing you with this benefit. Some of the options on offer include:

  • Denny’s giving you a Grand Slam breakfast.

  • Au Bon Pain giving you a free sandwich.

  • Starbucks offering you a free coffee.

Do bear in mind that you already have to be a member of their clubs. You can’t just walk into any restaurant and expect to get free stuff.

Stay Loyal

Love a specific hotel chain.

Enroll into the chain’s guest program. There are many hotel chains offering you a free Wi-Fi pass, or a minibar achievement, just for turning up on your birthday. It all depends on the specific chain, so make sure you prepare this well in advance.

Win Some Samples

Aveda and Kiehl’s are stores that offer free samples when you purchase things online. Ask if you can try any of these products at home before buying them. They will usually be happy to let you try them.

The ethics surrounding this option depend on your personal code of honor. Generally, many people won’t buy up as many free samples as possible when they have no intention of actually buying anything.

Some Free Education

Education costs in the US are insane. Nevertheless, there are some lessons you don’t have to spend a lot of money on. Many companies offer in-store workshops for you to get involved with.

Apple will provide you with group classes on certain tools. From them, you can learn using iPhoto, iMovie, and Garage Band. You can reserve your place online.

Home Depot is another example of a company offering some free lessons. They provide a 90-minute clinic for adults, where you can build things like herb gardens and learn how to stain your patio. There are even some options for kids, where they will also get a certificate of achievement.

Frequent Shopper Clubs

One way to make back a lot of money quickly is to become a frequent shopper of your favorite stores. You can sign up for the club with your first purchase and get rewards for every subsequent purchase you decide to make.

These rewards can come in the form of discounts, along with free gifts. Stores like Ikea allow you to get a free tea or coffee at the store’s restaurant each time you make a purchase.

There are offers for discounts and freebies in practically every store. If you take advantage of many of these items, you can even save hundreds of dollars every year.

What are your favorite offers to take advantage of?

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  1. Oh cool! I didn't know Denny's gives away Grand Slams on your bday! My birthday is next week so I'm making a list of places to hit up for some freebies. Thanks for sharing!

  2. FREE is my favorite "F Letter" word!

  3. Good stuff! We all like getting free stuff...LOL!

  4. Great hints on how to get free stuff! Thanks!

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