Fun DIY Thanksgiving Idea Printables

Hey Yall! I have special guest Dana from sharing Fun DIY Thanksgiving Ideas. Also she is giving away cool Thanksgiving printable labels!

Fun DIY Thanksgiving Idea Printables

Thanksgiving is all about love, family and friends. Everybody gathers together, shares a meal and gives thanks to all the good things in their lives. If you’re hosting a Thanksgiving dinner at your place this year, you would most certainly want to create a welcoming atmosphere for your dearest. After all, that’s why we all love holidays; to make and share special moments with the people we care for.

Besides the delicious aromas of turkey roasting in the oven and pumpkin pie baking, decorating your place in a festive way is also very important for the celebration. Don’t worry if you don’t have much time for decoration this year. With a minimal time and effort and these Thanksgiving printable labels you can easily create a memorable holiday. Here are a few tips on how to organize a stunning Thanksgiving get-together:

1. Create a Beautiful Tablecloth

A tablecloth in the Thanksgiving spirit will surely set the tone for the rest of the decor. Instead of buying a new one, you can use a tablecloth you already have, but place some beautiful autumn leaves or pine cones over it. This arrangement is both authentic and inexpensive at the same time.

2. Decorate with Candles

Candles provide a simple way to create a stunning tablescape. You’ll need some glass hurricane jars for the candles and Thanksgiving stickers printed out on a self-adhesive paper. Write down nice, inspirational thoughts on the stickers and apply them on jars. You can also add some fall ribbons to this setup, or yellow corn, dried beans etc.

3. Improvise with Food Labels

Another interesting approach to holiday decoration is labeling the dishes you prepared for Thanksgiving dinner. This way everyone will know right away what kinds of salads, dressings, soups and other types of meal are available. You can also use the stickers to write funny notes and apply them on food you made for your kids. Fun illustrations and interesting messages might motivate them to eat healthy food. Since kids love crafting, you can even include them in the process of decorating. It will be a win-win situation.

Fun DIY Thanksgiving Idea

4. Have Fun with Tableware

Instead of making separate name cards to identify where guests should sit, you can simply add another purpose to your napkin rings and apply a sticker with a guest’s name on each ring. It will be both practical and original.

5. Make a Thanksgiving Message Board

Make this holiday celebration more entertaining than ever by having your guests write down what they’re thankful for on stickers, and then apply them on a board that you prepared for that purpose. After the meal, you can gather in the living room, relax, read different thoughts and thanks, and have a good time together.

Hopefully, these multipurpose stickers will help you with decoration ideas for this Thanksgiving and turn your home into a holiday nest where everyone will have a great time.

Happy crafting and Happy Thanksgiving! 

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    Great ideas

  2. Love a good DIY and these are simple and easy!

    1. Yep girl they are simple and easy to do!

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