Halloween Costume Ideas for Boys

Halloween Costume Ideas for Boys

Are you having a hard time finding the perfect Halloween costume for your little boy? If so, check out my top suggestions for Halloween costumes for little boys.

Police Officer

Little boys look up to different role models in the community. One of these role models happens to be police officers. If your child has bonded with an officer, allow them to dress up as a police officer for Halloween so they can feel like they are like their newfound pal.


Is your son a huge fan of motorcycles? Consider allowing him to dress up as a biker this year. There are some cute biker costumes floating around the web this year that your little one is sure to love.

Headless Horseman

Does your son want to seriously freak out some of his friends on Halloween night? The headless horseman costume will allow him to do just that and he may even give some adults the creeps too.


Is your son always jumping around making ninja sounds? If so, he has just been hinting all year that being a ninja on Halloween would be the ideal costume for him. With the assortment of ninja costumes available both on and offline, this is one of the easier costumes to find, or even create yourself, without any hassles.


Do you have a Spiderman lover? If so, on Halloween he would love to be able to dress up as his favorite hero. Spiderman has been a hit costume for boys for quite a few years now, so it is not a surprise that there are varieties of costumes available and they come in different price ranges. Finding a Spiderman costume has to be one of the easiest things to do, which is why there is no surprise that this idea always makes the Halloween costumes list for boys.

Ninja Turtles

Does your son love watching Ninja turtles? If so, consider letting them dress up in their favorite character’s costume. Ninja turtles were extremely popular last year so if you want to find a good ninja turtle costume, I suggest shopping for one now so you don’t have a disappointed little one on Halloween.


Was your son a fan of the Minion movie? If so, consider purchasing him a minion costume for Halloween. The perfect part about the minions is they have minion’s costumes for the entire family. Therefore, if you were looking for a popular costume that the whole family could get in on, Minions would be a great choice.

When it comes time to do your Halloween shopping for your son, if you shop early the options that you will have available to you will be endless. If your son doesn’t know what he wants to be for Halloween yet, hopefully my list has opened up some room for some ideas and can help you decide what would be a great idea for his personality.

What is your son going to be this Halloween?

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