Top 10 Products Needed for Back to School

Top 10 Products Needed for Back to School  via

If you are like me, you are dreading the kids going back to school yet looking forward to it at the same time. One of the dreadful things is back to school shopping, especially if the teachers wait until the last minute to provide you with the school supply list. The good news is if you get these ten products, you will have majority of the items that your child needs to be ready for the school year. 

  1. Running shoes
Figuring out running shoes is one of the biggest fights that you will have. Bridging the gap between the shoes that your child likes, the shoes that you like, and the shoes that work for gym class, will take some bargaining. Before you get to the store, talk to your child about the type of factors the selected shoes must meet. Then allow your kid to do the choosing to make them happy!

  1. Pencils
In this household, pencils get lost more than socks in the dryer. If you do not buy anything else in bulk, make sure you purchase pencils in the largest denominations possible. Allow your child to take a specific number with them to school and keep the rest at home. 

  1. Washable markers
You always want to make sure you get washable markers, rather than any other brands. True washable markers will wash off the skin and clothing without a struggle. Make sure you research brands and go with the brand that will last and not dry out. 

  1. Erasers
Somehow, at least in my home, the erasers seem to run out faster than the pencils. Therefore, in addition to having a nice supply of pencils at home you also want to make sure you have additional erasers at home as well.  

  1. Notebooks
Children will need to have a specific number of notebooks for each class. Purchase what your children will need for class, plus a few extra in case a notebook or two goes missing. 

  1. Backpacks
A backpack should last for the entire school year. Backpacks can also be decorated to make sure your student has a unique looking backpack. Either purchase the backpack that your child loves or host a home decoration session to get all backpacks prettied up for school. 

  1. Wallets
Each student will need a wallet or a coin purse to hold some valuables. Everything from lunch money, to bus passes, and allowance can be placed in the wallet/coin purse. Be sure to reiterate how important it is for your child to keep up with their coin purse each day.

  1. Paper
Paper can be purchased in bulk and the rest can remain at home. Send your child to school with the minimum, and if more is needed during the school year, bring them out. 

  1. Folders
Each class will need a folder, or a binder. If you have several kids, each can have color coordinated binders and folders so that there is never a mix up. 

  1. Desk organizer  
For the best success in class, each child should have a space to do their homework. Purchase each kid a desk organizer to keep pens, pencils, note pads, and more.

What’s on your back to school shopping list?

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  1. I have to get shoes which I thought I didn't have to get because I bought him a big size back in April of this year....he can't fit them *heavy sigh*

    1. Boys grow so fast! I bought my girls some shoes over the summer and it held up pretty good so I don't really have to worry about shoes.

  2. Hi Lou..
    Since we are transitioning from Private to Public my biggest concern are clothing for my son as he is a growing teenager. He's starting to pick his own so I'm hoping our shopping goes smooth... Bye bye uniforms, although it was much easier then......

    1. Oh no, now that sucks because wearing uniforms is a big money saver. Start signing up with sites that sells teen clothes so you stay in the know when there are sales and coupons, that's what I do. Also check out the website

    2. Ok thanks Lou...will have to find the teen sites.
      Great idea. ..

    3. You're welcome Janet!

  3. Good luck with your back to school shopping. Malik is working so he will get his own college supplies this year - yay!!!

    1. Thanks sis! How wonderful that Malik can buy his own college supplies! That'll save you a lot of money. I remember buying college supplies for myself and nearly fainted seeing how expensive it was. I couldn't find anything used to help save some money, so all my supplies were new.

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