How to Eat Healthy While on Vacation

Fruit Bowl on the Beach

Being on vacation takes you out of your daily routine and plops you right down in the middle of a bunch of experiences, which is great for your mind, but could wreak havoc on your healthy eating habits. It can be tough to eat right when you are on vacation. Not only are there a bunch of new flavors to taste, you may not have access to the healthier food options you are used to.

By taking a few steps to prevent problems in the beginning though, you can make good decisions about what to eat throughout your trip, giving you the ability to stay in control of your diet, even while you’re having the greatest vacation ever.

Plan Ahead

If you are going to be traveling, you should pack some healthy snacks to take along. If you are flying, make sure you pack them in a carry-on; they will not do you much good if you put them in your checked luggage. By taking your own snacks with you, you will not be stuck grabbing something from a vending machine or from the flight attendant. You will also be able to control your portion sizes. Try taking along some chopped carrots and celery, an apple or two, some granola and pretzels.

Find a Farmer’s Market

As soon as you get to your destination, seek out a farmer’s market or other venue where you can find fresh fruit and veggies, seeds, nuts, popcorn or other healthier options for your snacks and morning meals. Avoid the hotel’s breakfast offerings unless they have provided some healthy, nutritious options.

Make Healthy Buffet Choices

If there is a buffet where you are staying, focus on getting a lot of green veggies, salad, fruit and whole grains rather than the more calorie-dense, less nutritious offerings. Some buffets also offer an assortment of lean protein, as well, so make sure you are making healthy choices and not going off the rails with added fat and carbohydrates you do not need.

Avoid Fast Food

When choosing a restaurant, stay away from fast food joints and choose a restaurant where you can sit down and order your meal. This will give you a chance to speak with the server about healthier options, which may be available, as well as giving you the opportunity to request specific preparation methods or make special requests for healthier options.

Try Local Options

When deciding on a restaurant, try to find one that uses local produce and other local products. Food that has been grown and harvested locally has more nutrition than food that has traveled a long distance. Restaurants that use local produce are often more apt to offer healthier options that highlight the local fruits and vegetables.

Limit Fried Foods

When ordering entrees, try to keep your selections to baked or grilled options, salads made with fresh greens and soups with light broths rather than heavier fried entrees, cream-based soups or heavily sauced dishes. Try the local favorites like grilled fish and fresh fruits.

How do you eat healthy when you are on vacation?

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  1. It is always my intention to make good choices while on vacation. However, like the last time, those options were calling my name. There's something about the various international cuisine options that I love. Day one always starts off well.

    1. If I was traveling aboard I would have a very hard time to eat healthy because I want to try out all the different international cuisines. You can't travel somewhere and not try other culture's foods.

  2. I always eat things that I don't normal eat. When we went on our first cruise we ate way too much. But on our second cruise I learned to limit myself and only eat half of each course during dinner and didn't put everything from the buffets on my plate :)

    1. You did a great job Paris. I've been doing quite well when it comes to eating buffets during my vacation. My trip to Miami with what I ate wasn't too bad.

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