MomoCon 2024: An Unforgettable Experience!

Louida Martin from Product Review Mom at MomoCon

Another year under wraps with MomoCon, and I must say, it was the best year yet for Lauren and me!

We did many more activities, making the experience much more exciting than in previous years.  

Since Lauren is older now, she likes doing more than just shopping in the vendor hall and playing video games, so we did a lot during our time at MomoCon.  

Plus, with the MomoCon app, we could schedule the events we wanted to attend so we wouldn't miss a thing.

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About MomoCon

MomoCon is an annual Atlanta, Georgia, convention celebrating anime, gaming, comics, and pop culture. It features various activities, including shopping in the vendor hall, playing video games, attending panels and workshops, and meeting special guests.

The convention also offers opportunities to cosplay and participate in competitions and contests. With the MomoCon app, attendees can easily schedule and manage the events they want to attend, ensuring a seamless and enjoyable experience.

MomoCon Crowd

2024 welcomed over 157,000 attendees over the four-day event, with the convention growing yearly.

Check out our previous years at MomoCon.

MomoCon Vendor Hall

MomoCon 2024 Review

Since Lauren recently graduated high school, she had grad parties to attend, so we only did two days of MomoCon but still purchased the 4-Day pass at the door because it was cheaper that way.

If you know your schedule a year in advance, I highly recommend purchasing tickets online at their low rates.

This year, MomoCon's start and ending days were a bit different. Instead of starting on a Thursday, it began on a Friday and ended on a Monday instead of a Sunday.  

I liked it better that way because not only is it ending on the Memorial Day holiday (Monday), but Friday is a good day to start since people usually have Friday off before the holiday weekend. This could be the reason for the bigger turnout this year.

When we first got to MomoCon on Friday, we had to start at the vendor hall and get first dibs on merch.  

However, I was not too fond of the new layout when going to the vendor hall, which didn't make sense and caused a lot of crowding.

Animal Crossing Cars at MomoCon 2024

Everyone had to walk to the end of B Hall to enter the gaming hall, then B-C Hall with itasha cars and wrestling, and finally, the vendor hall, which, by the way, was in C Hall! What the heck?

Different Location Signs at MomoCon 2024

Another thing was that there was only one way out of the vendor hall. This is a fire hazard! Thank goodness no emergencies happened!

I didn't understand this because I noticed that some of B Exhibit Hall was empty. Why wasn't this space used?

Well, whatever the case, I heard it won't happen again next year and beyond, as MomoCon will have full access to all B Halls.

On the bright side, I got my steps in, and thanks to Pilates for keeping my body in tip-top shape and keeping me from being in pain from all that walking.

Winx Club Panel at MomoCon

After shopping, Lauren wanted to drop into some panels. So we watched the ending of an Improv comedy show, learned about the history of Winx Club, and even learned how to do Salsa!

Salsa Dancing at MomoCon

Speaking of Salsa! During the Geeks can Dance too! Bachata & Salsa panel, I thought I would only dance with Lauren; instead, I was dancing with other people since we had to keep switching partners.

Meeting and dancing with new people was fun, but I got embarrassed when I dropped my partner doing a dip move. I'm glad there is no footage of that, and my partner wasn't hurt!

Saturday, we skipped since Lauren went to a couple of grad parties. I took that time to recover.

Sunday, we got to MomoCon a bit earlier than we did on Friday, so we could do a lot more.

Shopping Vendor Hall at MomoCon

Again, when we got there, we went to the vendor hall so Lauren could see if she missed anything.

She noticed that the vendor's prices were way higher than prices online. For example, Lauren was interested in purchasing a DVD and saw that the vendor was charging $50. Lauren hopped online on her phone and found the DVD for $30.

Sanrio Slippers at MomoCon Vendor Hall

I'm glad she is paying attention to prices since she has her own money to buy things she wants, which makes her mindful of her spending.

After our walk-through of the vendor hall, we played some retro Nintendo games for several hours, and Lauren even played with other people. I'm happy to see her open up and meet new people at the con.

Black Butler Ultimate Trivia Panel at MomoCon

After the video game tournaments, we had scheduled several panels to attend for the evening: karaoke, Black Butler Ultimate Trivia, Cartoons that Raised You Too: 90s-2000s, and JoJo's Fashionable Adventure.

All panels were entertaining, but the JoJo one was a snooze! I think the panelists were not genuine fans of the show and didn't seem to know what they were talking about.

And what's worse, many people were getting up to leave.

Hopefully, this was a learning experience for the two conducting the JoJo panel. Their presentation would shine through if they genuinely have passion for the topic they're presenting. Don't just create a panel because the anime is popular.

We left MomoCon early Monday morning! We left after 2am, which was a first for us.

We were going to finish MomoCon by returning later on Monday, but we didn't return due to the bad storm and being so tired.

Hopefully, we will do all four days someday because we still missed a lot even though we did so much.

Thanks, MomoCon, for another incredible year! We can't wait to do it all again in 2025!

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