Dance-Based Fitness Studio: AKT Inman Park Review

Dance-Based Fitness Studio: AKT Inman Park Review

My health and wellness journey has still been going strong!  I'm still hitting the gym a few times a week and completely changed my diet. 

When it comes to going to the gym, it can start feeling repetitive after a while from doing the same workouts.  By doing the same thing for an extended amount of time, your body will begin to plateau, meaning you start to burn fewer calories and build less muscle causing your weight loss to slow down.

Even though I enjoy going to the gym, I started noticing that I wasn't losing as much weight as I was when I began my health and wellness journey a couple of years back.  So, it was time to incorporate a new exercise routine.

So, instead of doing my usual gym workout, I went to my first dance-inspired fitness studio at AKT, located in Inman Park in Atlanta.

Dance-Based Fitness Studio: AKT Inman Park Review

AKT is a functional approach to fitness combining dance with cardio, strength, tone, and circuit training.  The vibrant and fun atmosphere had me feeling like I had entered a dance hall with upbeat music and disco lighting.

My daughters tagged along with me to experience AKT's cardio/dance class since they sometimes go to the gym with me.

AKT is right on the beltline, with several restaurants, shops, apartments, condos, and two major food halls.  So, after class, we could walk the beltline trail and stop for a quick bite to eat at Krog Street Market.

And for those visiting AKT for the first time, there is street parking and paid parking at the SPX Alley parking garage. 

GPS, for some reason, has AKT's location going to someone's apartment in the brick buildings nearby; however, AKT is located behind the beige townhomes. 

So if you park in the parking garage, you walk down the steps on the left side of the townhomes, and AKT will be found right in front of the beltline and brewery. 

Dance-Based Fitness Studio: AKT Inman Park Review

For first-timers, the first class is combined with four signature classes: DANCE, BANDS, TONE, and CIRCUIT, so you get a  feel for what AKT is all about.

AKT instructors are trained dancers, ballerinas, and even stunt actors.  So, you are taught by a highly trained professional.

When it is your first time visiting AKT, you must arrive 15 minutes early to set up your account with a staff member.

I was late due to not finding AKT, but my daughters and I were still able to join the class during our late arrival.

Dance-Based Fitness Studio: AKT Inman Park Review

The class is 45 minutes.   It's fun yet intense. 

With me regularly going to the gym and the AKT fitness class being introductory, I thought it would be a breeze.  But, boy, was I wrong!  It took a lot of work to catch on.  But from my understanding, it takes 3 to 4 classes to get the hang of it.

Dance-Based Fitness Studio: AKT Inman Park Review

Dance-Based Fitness Studio: AKT Inman Park Review

The fitness instructor was great; she had the class movin' and grovin'!  And if she sees someone needing help, she'll happily show how to make a dance/cardio move correctly.

And even though the class is fast-moving, there are several breaks, and you can go at your own pace.

Also, equipment is provided and lockers.  So, all you need to bring is water.

And remember I spoke about body plateau due to doing the same workouts repeatedly?  At AKT, workouts change every three weeks allowing you to improve and be challenged while removing the feelings of boredom and burnout. 

Dance-Based Fitness Studio: AKT Inman Park Review

AKT offers a free trial, so check if there is a location in your area.  If you enjoy the introductory class, you can set up to join other classes.

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