A Daily Plant-Based Body Cleanser that Everyone Can Use

COMMONS Daily Body Cleanser

I speak about skincare products all the time; however, body care products are essential to help keep your skin in good condition. But most importantly, using the right products is vital.

When it comes to skin and body products, I prefer plant-based without all the added harsh ingredients to make sure my skin stays healthy, glowing, soft, and refreshed.

Recently, I came across a gentle daily body cleanser conveniently packed in a pouch called COMMONS Daily Body Cleanser.  

Unlike those body washes you find in stores filled with heavy fragrances and chemicals, leaving your skin dry and dull, COMMONS gently cleanses the skin with a soft, fresh scent, similar to fresh linen. Also, leaving the whole body moisturized after use.

COMMONS Daily Body Cleanser

About COMMONS Daily Body Cleanser

Both founders, Rohan and John, thought the personal care aisle at the store to be a bit over the top.  

For example, some body care products would say they're natural but aren't. Some even say that doctors recommend them, but they may not be healthy for you. In addition, expensive brands use cheap ingredients, and affordable brands use even less.

It can be hard to find good, high-quality products, so Rohan and John took matters into their own hands by creating premium personal care essentials with plant-based formulas, subtle scents, and zero shortcuts. They're gentle, gender-neutral, and free of the junk hiding out in other products.  Plus, cruelty-free.

Not only is COMMONS good to use for your skin, but with every three items sold, they will also donate one to their partner charity, ARM.  ARM provides hygiene services and facilities to people in need. So they can also get to enjoy using high-quality COMMONS products.

COMMONS is a premium personal care brand that also makes an impact.

With soothing, hydrating ingredients, COMMONS help restore skin daily with rich antioxidants and fatty acids formula. COMMONS cleanser also contains aloe, glycerin, vitamin Pro-B5, olive leaf, cottonseed, and grapeseed extracts.

The Top Five Reasons I Like COMMONS Daily Body Cleansers

COMMONS Cleansers has so many benefits using it; here is what I like about it:

1. Packaging- With the package being a pouch, it's so easy using it all the way until the last drop, so no wasting. With the carbon footprint being about 60% less than plastic bottles, less material is used to create the cleanser packaging, making COMMONS responsibly sustainable. Also, the pouch is lightweight and easy to take on the go when traveling.

2. Gender-Neutral- I like that anyone can use the body cleanser. Everyone can use the same cleanser without having many body wash bottles piling up. Plus, save room in your shower.

COMMONS Daily Body Cleanser

3. Light Scent with Light Suds- I love the soft scent. It's a light fragrance that's that overpowering. When you take a sniff, it opens up your senses and gives your shower a calming aroma. A little of the cleanser goes a long way, with just a quarter-size drop, creating luminous suds that gently cleanses your body.  

COMMONS Daily Body Cleanser

4. Ingredients- Unlike some other body washes, COMMONS is free from harsh ingredients, sulfates, and parabens.  

5. Great Mission- I am happy to see that COMMONS donate to charity from the items sold to help people in need. Thanks to your purchase, you feel like you're a part of the team, making an impact.

How Much Does COMMONS Daily Body Cleanser Cost?

COMMONS Body Cleanser is affordable, priced at $14.49 (8 fl. oz.) A little goes a long way, so this cleanser will last you for quite some time unless you're heavy-handed. Also, using a shower sponge makes the suds last longer with each use.

Is COMMONS Daily Body Cleanser Good for Sensitive Skin?

Since COMMONS use gentle ingredients, it works well for people with sensitive skin and eczema. In addition, COMMONS will not leave skin feeling dry and itchy.

COMMONS Daily Body Cleanser

Remember, what you put on your skin absorbs into your body, so it's essential to use high-quality body care products.

COMMONS Daily Body Cleanser

COMMONS Daily Body Cleanser makes the perfect body wash replacement!

Disclosure- I was provided this product for free.  All thoughts and opinions are my own.

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  1. I've started using plant based skincare products recently also. Love the benefits. This body cleanser sounds amazing and the packaging is great.

    1. I love the benefits of plant-based beauty products as well! Check out COMMONS, I know you'll love this cleanser brand!

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