Updating my Wardrobe with Timeless, High Quality Pieces

Updating my Wardrobe with Timeless, High Quality Pieces

Hey, y'all!  It's been a while since I last spoke about my current fashion style.  With the pandemic that started in 2019/2020, my style of choice was athleisure wear.  

You know, those comfy jogger pants and leggings with a t-shirt were my go-to outfit on a daily.  I tried to wear something cute from time to time to help bring back some normalcy but found myself quickly returning to my comfort zone of those stretchy, comfortable lounge-around pants.

Now, since outside is back open for business, my style has started to pick back up.  

I would say that my current look is casual but yet chic to spice it up a bit. Adding on chunky accessories makes my outfits jump out.

I noticed while going through my closet that my wardrobe consists of a lot of fast-fashion garments that go out of style after the season is over.

I'm the type that likes to save money when it comes to buying clothes for myself.  But really, is purchasing cheap clothes actually saving me money? 

The saying is true, always have timeless pieces in your outfit collection, so you don't have to worry about purchasing new replacements each season.

Usually, timeless garments are a bit higher in price, but they last for years to come.

With fast fashion stores popping up everywhere, it's becoming harder to find high-quality clothing stores.

I recently found a website called Lattelier that helps perfect your wardrobe with high-quality essentials and durable, timeless designs.  Lattelier has silhouettes made of silk, wool, cashmere, acetate, cupro, just to name a few.

The styles are simple with ease, making it easy to pair with just about anything.  And honestly, Lattelier designs can be worn any season. So summer looks can be layered up once fall and winter come around.  I love the versatility!

I got myself a couple of outfits from Lattelier to include in my wardrobe, a stripe-pattern jumpsuit and a checkered short-sleeve flared dress.  

Updating my Wardrobe with Timeless, High Quality Pieces

I'm a big fan of jumpsuits!  Jumpsuits are easy to jump in and out of and can be tailored for a lovely evening look or a simple casual style.

About the Stripe-Pattern Jumpsuit

Updating my Wardrobe with Timeless, High Quality Pieces

Updating my Wardrobe with Timeless, High Quality Pieces

This jumpsuit is a chic piece for warmer days, featuring an elastic waistline, cowl neck, side seam pockets, and wide legs. The lightweight yet drapey fabric guarantees a comfortable, delicate wearing experience.

  • Polyester 100%

This black jumpsuit feels fabulous on my skin and gives me a more slender look.  I appreciate the cowl neck, so my bust area has some space. Unfortunately, I got the jumpsuit in a large, but I could have gotten away with a size medium due to the straps being a little loose.  But, no biggie.  Still, I can not wait to wear this jumpsuit on date nights or when I attend events.

Updating my Wardrobe with Timeless, High Quality Pieces

The checkered short-sleeve flared dress is such a gorgeous piece!  I love dresses that are playful, fun, and of course, have pockets!  I can see myself wearing this dress to picnics, out to brunch, and even events.  The dress is so well-tailored, and I can tell that it's made with quality fabrics.

About Checkered Short-Sleeve Flared Dress

Updating my Wardrobe with Timeless, High Quality Pieces

Updating my Wardrobe with Timeless, High Quality Pieces

This mid-length dress is designed with wide sleeves, a V-neck, and a curvy waistline. Crafted from the classic checkered pattern, this staple is gentle yet brisk. The bright color and relaxing tailoring make this dress perfect for spring and summer.

  • Rayon 45%
  • Nylon 49%
  • Polyester 4.5%
  • Spandex 1.5%

Lattelier has a vast collection to shop from, like tops/shirts, blazers, dresses, pants, activewear, lingerie, swimsuits, and even accessories.  When you make a purchase, your order comes within a week in a nicely packaged branded box. 

If you're looking to upgrade your wardrobe with an upscale modern flair, utilizing eco-conscious materials, Lattelier provides effortless looks at affordable prices.

Use code productreviewmom15 to get 15% off of your purchase!

Disclosure- This post contains affiliate links, all thoughts and opinions are my own.

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