Video: 2020 Toyota C-HR Limited is the Affordable Hipster Car you Need

Video: 2020 Toyota C-HR Limited is the Affordable Hipster Car you Need

What a way to bring in Michelle's big milestone birthday in the 2020 Toyota C-HR Limited! Turning 13 is a massive deal for her, and with Georgia opening back up for business since we have been sheltering in place due to the virus pandemic, I wanted to celebrate her birthday in a big way, making her feel special.

If you remember, I was first introduced to Toyota C-HR a few years ago during a lunch and drive event with Toyota. It's a hip little car that I dubbed "The Hipster Car."

Video: 2020 Toyota C-HR Limited is the Affordable Hipster Car you Need

It's the perfect car for singles, teens, and small families for inner-city driving.

C-HR came about in 2018 as the new kid on the block, being a small subcompact crossover vehicle. When I first took a test drive with the car back in 2018, I thought the size was too small, and the exterior design was similar to Nissan Juke/Nissan Kicks and Honda H-RV.

Flash forward to now...

2020 Toyota C-HR Limited Exterior

The 2020 Toyota C-HR is bigger, providing enough space and legroom for guests. And thank goodness for that because I was worried that my family was going to be tightly squeezed inside, complaining how uncomfortable they are.

2020 Toyota C-HR Back Seat Space

We did a lot of driving around town in the C-HR. Like running errands, dining in restaurants, taking our newest members of our family, Paulanka and Juniper (guinea pigs) to the vet, and had a late evening emergency that we had to take one of the piggies to the animal hospital. Make sure to watch the video to see some of the places we visited.

2020 Toyota C-HR Limited Exterior

2020 Toyota C-HR is a quirky little car that had me fall in love with it! Here are the Top 6 Things I Loved about it:

2020 Toyota C-HR Limited Extorier

2020 Toyota C-HR Light Logo on the Ground

1. The Look: The exterior definitely has heads turning to take a look at this fun ride. With the sandy pearl top and black body, this sculpted beauty is like a work of art with so much personality! The first thing you notice is the exterior, making it the coolest looking car around! And those rims are standout stars to that will have you hypnotized by the design! Also, a big surprise was at night, when the light beam lights shine bright on the ground of the Toyota C-HR logo on both sides. It's like letting the world know of its presence.

2020 Toyota C-HR Limited Trunk Space

2. Space: I'm singing all the praises that the 2020 Toyota C-HR has a good bit of space for legroom! Even the trunk has a lot of storage room to tow many small and large items. And for more added space, the back seats can be folded down for more storage room. Great for college students that moving all their stuff to their dorms.

2020 Toyota C-HR front grille

3. Safety Features: Safety features come standard with all of Toyota's vehicles called Toyota Safety Sense.

  • Pre-Collision System with pedestrian detection, lane departure alert with steering wheel assist, automatic high beams, full-speed range dynamic radar cruise control, blind-spot monitoring front and rear, and tire pressure monitoring system.

4. Gas: I was driving all over the place in this car, and didn't have to gas up once! So, more money in your pockets means more time hitting the pavement doing the things that you enjoy while looking cool while doing it! (29 MPG- 27 City and 31 Highway)

2020 Toyota C-HR Limited 8' Touch Screen

5. Interior Features: Just because it's a small car doesn't mean Toyota skipped out on features. Inside has an 8' inch touch screen with Bluetooth phone/music capabilities. Also, the C-HR has Apple Carplay, Android Auto, Amazon Alexa compatible, and SiriusXM.

2020 Toyota C-HR Steering Wheel

6. Price: The price is sweet with the 2020 Toyota C-HR Limited! With the vehicle coming fully-loaded, the cost is affordable at $28,435.00. If you're not needing all the features, the starting price is $21,295. And right now, when you purchase a new Toyota, 1st payment is deferred for up to 90 Days! You don't want to miss that deal!

Video: 2020 Toyota C-HR Limited is the Affordable Hipster Car you Need

With social distancing in place, we are going to be doing a lot of things in our cars. Like for instance, there will be a boost in doing more stuff outdoors like going to drive-in theaters, car camping, drive-thru zoo safaris, outdoor concerts in our cars, sight-seeing type road trips, etc.

Having a reliable car is vital! Toyota's vehicles are made to last for years to come, and you'll be able to take their cars on exciting adventures without worries of break downs. And with the 2020 models, Toyota has the latest features to make your driving experience a joyful one, giving you the convenience that you need.

Make sure to check out other Toyota's I have driven to see which one fits your needs for your next family car.

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  1. Now that a zippy little car there! I'm glad you guys were able to celebrate Michelle's special day. It looks like you all had a great time.

    1. Thanks Sis! Yep, we had a lot of fun driving around in the C-HR!

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