Michelle's 12th Birthday at a Alpaca Farm

Michelle's 12th Birthday at a Alpaca Farm

Yesterday was a big day for Michelle celebrating her 12th birthday (tweenager)!  Turning 12 is like a big deal for her for some reason.

Can you believe it, she'll be a teenager next year!  I'll have two teenagers in the household, and before I know it they'll both be adults!  I'm so not ready for that.  Please time, slow down!

Before Michelle's birthday, in the middle of last month, daily she would text me, harass me of the count down to May 5th.  I was like, "Child; I know when is your birthday. Remember I gave birth to you!"

She pleaded and begged me to have a party with her friends, also wanting the latest Fitbit Versa since she is into fitness and wellness.

I told her no party; however, she can have a small get-together with her friends.

Creekwater Alpaca Farm

One of Michelle's favorite animals is an alpaca, and she wanted to go see alpacas in-person for a while now.

I feel like Facebook have been listening in on our conversation together because lately, I have been seeing an ad from an alpaca farm that's about 40 minutes away from my house.  What a coincidence that Michelle has been speaking about visiting alpacas, and suddenly ads about an alpaca farm started popping up on my Facebook feed.

I showed Michelle the ad, and without a doubt, she wanted to celebrate her birthday there with close friends.

Creekwater Alpaca Farm

Creekwater Alpaca Farm is located in Snellville, Georgia where beautiful, friendly alpacas roam freely on the 52-acre land.  Visitors can pet and feed the alpacas, and for a small fee, visitors can be side by side with these precious alpacas, and see the other farm animals as well.

I didn't realize there was a difference between alpacas and llamas not knowing that they are closely related.

Creekwater Alpaca Farm

What differentiates the two species is the size, fur, ears, and face.  For instance, the alpacas are much smaller in size than llamas, alpacas have a smaller face while the llamas face is more larger, and longer in shape, also the llamas' ears are like a banana shape while the alpaca ears are straight and pointed.

Creekwater Alpaca Farm

Here are some interesting facts I found out about alpacas:

1. Alpacas are native in Peru.

2. Alpacas produce one of the softest and most luxurious natural fibers in the world.

3. Alpacas do not have top teeth; however, they do have bottom teeth that continuously grows and must be shaved down yearly.

4. Alpacas like to be in herds, never alone.  So, they are not independent like llamas.

5. Alpacas are a South American relative of the camel.

6. The gestation period for female alpacas is 11-1/2 months, and the lifespan is about 20 years.

Creekwater Alpaca Farm

I can tell the alpacas at the Creekwater farm are very well taken care of, and they enjoy their guest visiting and feeding them.  Even there is an alpaca there named Jezzy that loves taking pictures with her visitors.

Creekwater Alpaca Farm

The staff members at the farm are so warm and welcoming making sure guest have an enjoyable experience.  Also, they are very knowledgeable about alpacas and help with questions that people may have.

Creekwater Alpaca Farm

Michelle's birthday was a success!  She enjoyed the alpaca farm with her friends, then the get-together continued with lunch/dinner at a pizza parlor, also getting some tasty treats at the ice cream shop.

Publix Birthday Cake

Michelle's get-together was on Saturday, and her official day, Sunday was cake and ice cream with the family, then hibachi dinner.

By the way, she got her FitBit Versa and been loving it!

Happy Birthday, Michelle!

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