Yay! It's Michelle's 11th Birthday!

Yay!  It's Michelle's 11th Birthday!  via  www.productreviewmom.com

Hey Shorty, it's ya birthday!  We're gonna party like it's ya birthday!

A big HAPPY 11th Birthday to Michelle!  I can't believe she'll soon be a teenager in a couple of years!  Time is flying, and I make sure to cherish every moment of her life.

With Michelle getting older, I'm noticing more of maturity with her.  She's very wise for her years and a lot of her wisdom she gets from Mr. M.  They both dig deep in subjects they discuss, learning every aspect of it.

Already, Michelle has a game plan for her future.  She has been discussing about the school clubs she'll be joining in the fall when she starts her first year in middle school.  Yes, you heard that right, a middle schooler!  Michelle is graduating elementary school in a couple of weeks.  The chapter of having children in elementary school is ending, with a new milestone rising.

Also, Michelle has been speaking about what she wants to be when she grows up.  A baker!  And not just any baker, but one that owns her own business.  I see she caught the entrepreneur bug from both Mr. M and me.  Michelle has been baking it up in my kitchen weekly, and her and Mr. M each Sunday make Sunday Brunch together.  What made her start loving cooking was from watching the Food Network, seeing other aspiring kids chef showing off their baking skills to the judges and also the cooking class she used to attend at Williams Sonoma.  One day she is hoping to be on that show, but first, she would like to do some culinary class.  Do you know of professional ones for kids in Atlanta?

Did you know that Michelle is a crafter and knitter too? 

In her spare time, she likes to do arts and crafts, also knit mini blankets, slippers, and clothes for her dolls.  I'm telling ya, this girl has incredible skills!

Michelle didn't ask for much for her birthday, all she wanted was to get her hair done, get a couple of birthday outfits, a waffle maker, a kids sewing machine, and a new bike

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Happy Birthday my Cinco de Mayo Baby!  I hope your day is as fabulous as you are!

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  1. Please say Happy Birthday to her. What a big girl she has become. I hope today is GRAND!

  2. Happy Birthday Michelle. She has grown so much and I love that she is already thinking of goals for her future and has a well thought out plan.

  3. Happy b-day and she is growing up right before our eyes!

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