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Are you a solopreneur or thinking of becoming a solopreneur? Have a hard time managing your business, maintaining sanity, or even growing your business?

Ya’ll know that I have been a solopreneur for quite some time now and during this time it has been a journey. I've made mistakes, learned from them, and have been able to take my business to places that I wouldn’t have believed could have been possible when I was younger.

Today I am giving out some advice for solopreneurs that I wish someone would have given me when I first started.

Always Keep an Emergency Fund

This is one of the most important things to do when you first consider leaving your day job.

Being a solopreneur means that you’re not going to have a steady pay period, at least in the beginning, and depending on your business’s niche during certain parts of the year business may slow down, but your bills aren’t.

I highly suggest having an emergency fund with at minimum four months of savings before making the leap. Additionally, anytime you do have to use this money, make sure that you replenish the account as soon as it is possible for you to do so. This way you are always prepared when the unexpected happens.

Keep Adjusting Your Goals

Another thing I would recommend doing is always keeping tabs on your goals and making adjustments as needed. This will allow you to expand your operations, meet income goals, and drill down on what is working well for you and what’s not.

As some of you may remember, I used to keep track of my goals and progress on Earning Free Money.

However, once I reached a certain point, I started to keep track of things privately.

It’s up to you how you track your goals, but make sure you’re doing it to keep furthering yourself to different heights. Being a solopreneur can be a decision that leads to many achieving the financial freedom that they desire.

Never Stop Marketing

It’s easy to want to stop marketing yourself when you’re swamped with projects to complete. However, marketing when you’re booked is the perfect time to increase your rates.

For example, if you’re booked for work already and have potential new clients reaching out to you, it’s the perfect time to quote them a little higher than your normal charge. If they accept, you have successfully increased your rates. If they don’t, you’re already busy with work, so it’s not that much of a big deal.

Always Be Open to Learning New Skills

As a solopreneur, it means that you are a one-person show. Therefore, you must wear many hats. From managing your accounting, social media profiles, website management, marketing, and completing the work, you have a lot that you have to develop expertise in.

I always suggest trying to pick up some new skills each year because it will help you run your business more successfully and with the added knowledge, you may increase the services that you offer to your clients.

Plus, I firmly believe that you can never have too many skills so the more, the better – knowledge is power!

Use Tools to Save Time

I can’t tell you how much different tools help me save time each week with my work. While many of the good tools will require you to make some type of monetary investment, there are a few that won’t cost you anything, but a little bit more time to get them setup.

As a solopreneur, it's important to automate as much as possible and to generally try to make your day as productive as possible.  So, I would recommend that you consider using the following tools to save you time:

Have a Support System

Having a support system when you’re a solopreneur is also highly recommended. You need people who you can share success with and even bounce ideas off from time to time.

While family isn’t always a good option to discuss being a solopreneur with, since many won’t understand why you would do it unless they are one themselves, you need some people to connect with that understands.

Make Sure That Your Personal Needs Are Taken Care of

When you’re a solopreneur, it can be so easy to get caught up in work and forget to take care of yourself properly. However, you want to make sure that being a solopreneur doesn’t affect your physical or mental health. You must be at your best to be able to create a successful business.

For example, I like to take breaks frequently throughout the day when working; I make sure that I am taking care of myself health wise, and I go on vacations where I can clear my mind.

Connect with Other Solopreneurs

Lastly, it can be great to connect with other solopreneurs. You can do this by finding mastermind groups to participate in, joining Facebook groups in your niche, or making connections with solopreneurs by interacting with them on social media. By having online friends, or associates that are solopreneurs, it can make work not seem so lonely, and you’ll have someone to talk to that can relate to what you’re going through.

There you have it, my advice to solopreneurs from a solopreneur. What advice would you give to solopreneurs or if you’re considering becoming a one let me know what questions you have?

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  1. I can't ever use trello I want to but chile it's hard. I use todoist that app is my buddy. I may get an account with lynda this summer to learn more skills and have that be my summer thing.

    1. OoOo...I need to check out the todoist app!

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