Talking about Our Skin Concerns with Kat Burki

Talking about Our Skin Concerns with Kat Burki  via

If you follow me on Instagram, you may have seen a picture of me standing next to Kat Burki, skincare expert, and pioneer behind her namesake eco-luxe skincare brand.

I was invited to join Kat as she dives into the brand, the innovative technology behind the products and a sneak peek at her newest launches, the Retin-C Treatment Complex and Goji Essence! Enjoy a personalized nutritional skincare consultation with Kat and receive a mini facial with the brand’s luxurious products!

When I received the invite, I wasn't for sure if I was going to go since I never heard of Kat Burki before.

But you know what, this blog is all about learning about different products and sharing my experiences.  Plus, I'm a sucker for skincare products, I keep my bathroom cabinets stocked full of it, making sure my skin stays youthful and healthy.

I took the girls along with me to the event because I had questions for Kat about handling teenager skin.

Have you noticed that Lauren hasn't really been in my pictures lately?

That's because Lauren has been breaking out with acne very severely in the t-zone area of her face, not to mention she also has horrible eczema flair ups happening all over her body which makes her cover herself up all the time.

It's like getting hit with a double whammy for Lauren, and her self-esteem has plummeted.  It breaks my heart seeing her not want to look in the mirror and always depressed.

But I'm going to do my best to help get her acne under control, as well as her eczema.

Talking about Our Skin Concerns with Kat Burki  via

The event with Kat was at Nordstrom SpaceNK Perimeter Mall last Saturday, and what I didn't know was that it was a huge beauty event with different skincare, haircare, and makeup vendors giving free makeovers and pampering sessions for attendees.  A DJ was on the turntables playing the latest hits, and caterers were walking around with trays of snacks and mimosas.  The event was totally rockin' out!!

Meeting Kat Burki

The girls and I made our way through the crowd of women and found the section Kat Burki and her team was.

Talking about Our Skin Concerns with Kat Burki via

Before introducing myself to Kat, I just knew she would have all the answers for me about skincare, especially dealing with teenager skin after browsing through her products.

Getting Down to the Root of Our Skin Issues

Kat and I sat down together and chit-chatted about Lauren's skin, as well as mine.

She gave me great pointers to consider when taking care of Lauren's skin.

  • Stop using skincare products with alcohol.  All it does is put your skin in shock throwing off the PH balance making skin produce extra oil, clogging the skin.

  • Stop eating foods with high fructose syrup, also eat healthier and cut out all the soda and juices.

  • With Lauren eczema flair ups, I need to get down to the root of the problem by eliminating things she is using on her body one by one.  She told me I need to stop using products with fragrance in it because it's irritating Lauren's skin.  So, no more The Body Shop for her.  Also, she recommended Lauren start using Bert Bees body washes and lotions which is less harsh.  And watch out for haircare products with harsh ingredients too, that can lead to breakouts along her hairline. 

  • Not all skincare products with oil in it is bad, just make sure it's the good types of oils, for example, Tamanu, Kukui Nut and Raspberry Seed oils.  People think that if they have oily skin they must avoid products with oil in it, that's not entirely true.

Kat wrote down a regimen of what facial products from her product line Lauren should use and gave samples.

Use AM and PM- Vitamin C Nourishing Cleansing Balm, PH+ ENZYME ESSENCE, Vitamin C Intensive Face Cream.

I Hate My Dark Marks!

I also had a question regarding my own skin concern too that I wanted Kat to address.

My problem with my skin is dark marks; I wear makeup to cover it up because I hate the way the spots make me look.  With spring and summer just around the corner, I would like to wear less makeup and build up the confidence to start going outside bare skin without makeup at all.

Talking about Our Skin Concerns with Kat Burki  via

Kat recommended I start using her Complete B Illume Brightening Serum that helps address the dermal level which is miniscule scar tissue that builds up and skin clarity and brightness is compromised.  The brightener helps restore damaged cells.  She gave me a full-size product of that.

Kat is a wealth full of knowledgeable skincare advice, and I was absorbing every bit of it.

Lauren and I Have a Job to Do

When we got home, Lauren and I went to work on both of our skin.

With the Complete B Illume Brightening Serum, it's going to take a bit of time to see the full results, but I will say that my skin is much brighter and my skin tone is evening out a bit.

Lauren used her three recommended products, and noticed a difference in her skin overnight!  Less acne, brighter, smoother skin tone.  Just that now, Lauren must stay consistent with her regimen, lay off the skincare products with alcohol and fragrance, plus watch her diet.

What I like about Kat Burki's skincare line is that it targets specific skin concerns without the added fillers, alcohol, or water. Also free of chemicals, parabens, synthetic fragrances, and gluten.

Talking about Our Skin Concerns with Kat Burki  via

I would like to thank Kat Burki for taking the time to sit down and chat with me, helping Lauren and me with our skin issues.  Thanks to Kat, Lauren is feeling more confident with her look and beginning to look at herself in the mirror again.  By summer, she'll leave her coat behind and let her arms free!

Have you ever tried Kat Burki skincare line before?

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  1. Thanks for sharing the awesome tips. Sounds like you both have a great plan of action. There's nothing like feeling good about your skin from the inside and outside. Your skin is always flawless Lou! But, I totally understand regarding less makeup for the Spring and Summer.

  2. Your skin is always so vibrant and beautiful - thanks for sharing a few of your secrets! #PRP BTW - I talked about you to the attendees in my Building a Blog Workshop last week.

  3. Your skin is always so lovely, thank you for sharing your tips to beautiful skin!

  4. Aw, sorry baby girl is having problems with her skin. Glad you guys are both on the mend though. Hopefully these products will help, they sound like good ones.

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