Last Minute Travel Ideas that Won't Break the Bank

Last Minute Travel Ideas that Won't Break the Bank  via

For most people, you know when you have vacation time and you get the chance to plan your travels. However, there are going to be times that you find out a few days in advance that you have time to take the trip that you wanted to go on. Most people have forgotten about the dreams they have when they are rushed. Here are a few last minute plans to get a fun vacation in without breaking the bank.

National Parks

Most national parks are open year round. Yellowstone and Redwood National Park are two of the parks that work to make it easy for anyone to visit. Grand Canyon and Mammoth Cave are another two. You will find thousands of trails, as well as a variety of species coming to explore. Many will have their own hotel with a package, but you can always look around public transport centers to allow you to get transportation to and from the hotel.

Myrtle Beach

Myrtle Beach

If you are looking for a relaxing vacation for a relatively decent price, then Myrtle Beach is an option. You can stay at a resort that offers a view of the ocean and has a water playground that encourages the children to just unwind. In addition, Myrtle Beach is a fantastic place to find new eateries, as well as see a variety of water animals. You can even plan on Myrtle Beach helping you with your children as they offer a kids play area and kids eat free.

Great Smoky Mountains at Dreammore Hotel

Great Smoky Mountains

For those who want to travel on a limited budget, the Great Smoky Mountains offers a theme park, nature, and miles of trails that allow you to listen to music and/or taste the food. This location has become extremely popular because it is a very inexpensive trip. Depending on where you live in the United States, you may be able to make this trip in a day and only pay about $100 a night.

Las Vegas Sign

Big City

When looking for a last minute travel idea, look for a big city that is near you that you have not been to. Some examples would be Las Vegas, Chicago, Atlanta, Silver Dollar City/Branson, or Washington, DC. These cities offer a number of free activities to go to, as well as entertainment for the adults. With Las Vegas, it can make for a great last minute trip for friends and you can enjoy good food and see the shows. With Chicago, it is known as an affordable city, and you are right along Lake Michigan you can take advantage of some beautiful nature walks.

Mackinac Island

As mentioned above, Lake Michigan is a beautiful area and a great way to get away any time. Mackinac Island offers a quiet place to take a vacation without having to go far from the city. One of the best places to stay on Mackinac Island is the Days Inn where you are near two of the Great Lakes, but also get continental breakfast and a pool to relax in all for under $100/night.

When you are looking for last minute travel plans, it is best to already have some places that you desire to visit. Then simply go down the list of what is near you and does not require a hefty savings to enjoy yourself.

What last minute travel ideas do you have?

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