Bone-Chilling Lawrenceville Ghost Tour

Bone-Chilling Lawrenceville Ghost Tour  via

Hey Yall!  For the first time for us, we went on a haunted walking ghost tour this past Friday to bring out the bone-chilling scare before the spooky night of Halloween.

My girls have been begging me to take them to a haunted house, but I feel it's a bit too scary for them still.  And, I don't want to be dealing with scaredy cats that will start having nightmares from all the fake blood and gore.

With Lawrenceville Ghost Tour, guests are guided on a moonlit walk, accompanied by a spooky storyteller who tells tales of awakened sleeping ghosts and increased paranormal activity in Metro-Atlanta’s oldest city. Without the use of gore, these tours encourage happy haunting while offering a healthy dose of spine-chilling scares.

Bone-Chilling Lawrenceville Ghost Tour  via

I didn't know what to expect on tour, or how the girls might take it.  With Historic Lawrenceville being my neighboring city, I was curious to see all that has happened there during the olden days.

Bone-Chilling Lawrenceville Ghost Tour  via

Our tour guide had such old-southern charm, full of charisma, which set the tone just right for the haunting stories she told.

Bone-Chilling Lawrenceville Ghost Tour  via

I was quite surprised with all the bizarre events that happened in Old Lawrenceville in the courtyard square.  That 90-minute tour had me a bit uneasy, and I will never look at Lawrenceville the same again.

Bone-Chilling Lawrenceville Ghost Tour  via

Did I see any paranormal activities happening while on the walking tour?


And nothing popped out to scare us either. But all the thoughts there were going through my mind while hearing the stories had me with goosebumps.

Bone-Chilling Lawrenceville Ghost Tour  via

My girls enjoyed it and weren't frightened at all.  However, when we were about to step inside of Lawrenceville's first jail, Michelle became extremely nervous, not wanting to go inside.

Bone-Chilling Lawrenceville Ghost Tour  via

If you're looking for a spookily good time, can bring your family, and learn some haunting history of Historic Lawrenceville, check out Lawrenceville Ghost Tours, with tours happening every day in October!

Disclosure- I was invited as media to preview this tour, all thoughts and opinions are my own.

Have you ever went on a ghost tour before?

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  1. This sounds like something I could handle. I'm not interested in haunted houses where things pop out from nowhere. My thrill seeking days are

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